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August 22, 2013


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How exciting about your Baubles and Bangles pattern! Congratulations!


I'm so super excited to see your pattern in Gen Q!!! Sweet Pea is so adorable. She totally rocks cowboy hat and boots! Love the photo booth pictures. Wish next July wasn't so far away....


Hi there! Glad to hear from you. Looks like you're having a great summer. Enjoyed seeing your pictures. Looking forward to seeing that pattern. Congratulations!


So good to hear from you! Glad your summer has gone well and congrats on your Baubles and Bangles pattern!!


WOOHOO!!! You're back! Looks like you've been having a fun summer with Sweet Pea -- as it should be! Can't wait to see your Gen Q pattern!


Baubles and bangles--that does sound good! Congrats!

Yeah, I've been thinking about you and I figured you were busy and just haven't felt like blogging. As someone who doesn't ever blog, I feel ya'!

Linda in Calif.

Living and having fun is so much better than blogging! I too wish summer wasn't leaving us already!


I was about to email you and realized you had a post up that I missed yesterday! I know you are excited about the pattern and I am too.
Sweet Pea is adorable and bless her putting flowers on the doggie's grave.
Looks like you've had a great summer.


Oh Stephanie, summer is just so short, you HAVE to enjoy it - there will be more blogging opportunity come winter, lol! LOVE the pics of Sweet Pea, congrats on your pattern!


Congratulations on your Baubles and Bangles pattern about to be published! Couldn't be more proud of you!!! Way to go, girl! Love you all to pieces!! :-)


Can't wait to see your pattern!! I know what you mean about summer being gone - wasn't it just May?!?!? Glad to see you've been traveling and enjoying life! One of the many wonderful things about having the grandkids close by is that we have a great excuse to go see movies like Monsters U and Planes :)

Maggie Szafranski

It was so great to see you last week! Time does fly away so fast! SweetPea is such a dear, funny girl! Love her and cherish her!


You have been missed, Girl! But NEVER would I write and bug you. I know how it feels when people write me and wonder where I'm at. It's always someone who doesn't blog. Okay, off my hobbyhorse! LOL!

Anyway, I bet you've had fun this summer altho busy. Will look forward to your future posts whenever you get around to them!

P.S. Congrats on your pattern!


Great to see you've been enjoying summer to the fullest! (except for the work interruptions) Fall is a beautiful time of year too, so you still have more days ahead to plan adventures.

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