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July 08, 2013


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What a great post! I follow Roseann on Instagram. She has a fantastic studio! That must have been a wonderful trip!!

Jackie W.

You are the best interviewer of shops anywhere! That was great...and btw, you look terrific, you could weigh 500 lbs and no one would even notice with that smile of yours!


Wow, what an amazing shop and studio! So much loveliness, I'm surprised you had time to visit more places:)


Wow! What a fun shopping trip. Looks like a great store!


Awww, now my feelings are hurt -- you liked her block the best -- ROFLOL HAHAHAHA!!!! (Don't tell, but I liked her block best too!)

You're making me homesick too -- I LOVED living in MN. Sadly, Rosebud's Cottage wasn't open when we lived there (but the "other" shop was). It looks like you had a great time -- Ms. Rosebud is amazing!!!


Your post is so perfectly timed!! My brother/SIL (Woodbury/St.Paul) have friends from Ireland visiting and he just e-mailed me for some quilt shops to visit (the gal is a quilter....yay!). I had responded with the White Bear Lake shops and especially Roseann's place. Then I saw your Fb post and sent along your blog link! (Sigh) Next time it will be priority 1 for me (I don't have a grandson graduating until next year so that won't be a conflict!!! Hugs......


SO many things I'd like a closer look at! I can understand why you wanted to go to Rosebud's Cottage!


Fun trip! Thanks for sharing it with us. I didn't realize your conference back in May was in Minnesota, and very close to where my brother lives.


A fun time was had by all!!!


Love these reviews you do of shops! They make me almost feel like I'm there! :)


What a great place - it looks like one of those places you can walk through several times and see something new every time. I really like the unique bathroom.


Wow, what a wonderful day you had. Thanks for all the photos as I'll probably never make it over there and it was so nice to see things through your eyes. That little bathroom is adorable. And, yes, I'd love to have a studio like Roseann's. Thanks for the links. I haven't seen those blogs before.

Linda in Calif.

Wow. What a place! Maybe someday I'll get up that way. I've made embroiderer those dish towels before. I loved doing the first three - by the last one I was over it! LOL Course I was only 17, I've been wanting to do them again but just can't seem to part with the money for the towels. (Very spendy!)

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