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July 09, 2013


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You just reminded me I need to get some more Lavender sleepy salve!


Beautiful lavender! I always forget to plant it.


I love those wands! So neat.


How fun! I planted a lavender plant years ago at another house and it died. So, apparently, my thumb is blacker than yours LOL. Love those pretty little wands!


I've never heard of the lavender wands but think they are just fabulous from your pictures. I remember seeing fields of lavender in Oregon...so lovely. Your photographs are so pretty, Stephanie!


You could not have a "black thumb" with all those beautiful flowers! I love hydrangeas, too! Love the idea of the honesty jars!

Amy DeCesare

Wow! Awesome photos, and those lavender wands are news to me, too! I can almost smell them now...


Lovely photos! Thanks for the lavender link. I have a clump and I never trimmed it out down to the 2 inches above the ground.



i have lavender but haven't harvested it like I saw in the video. Mine are planted right by the sidewalk where I want flowers to show when visitors come...so I hate to cut off all the flowers! I think i need to plant a whole row of lavender like you mentioned.

Your wands are delightful!! Had never heard of those.

funny on the large garden not planted yet. in my dreams I have a Martha Stewart garden! :)


How cute are those! I had never heard of them either! But . . . but . . . but . . . where's your headpiece?


I love lavender too. I've never seen lavender wands, but I have a couple of lavender sachets. Do you wave the wands around to scent the room?


I love Lavender too. Mine died off a couple years ago. You have inspired me to plant some more. Thanks for the how-to links. I need those. That rose is gorgeous too. Love that color. Great photos!

Carol E

So where do you live? Your description of the past winters sounds like Minnesota, but I guess not.. I have been to WBL many times, but never to Rosebud. Can you believe it? I'll have to take another little day trip.


If you can grow roses I'd hardly call you a black thumb! These are so cool. I really want to visit the lavender farms in TX. They aren't that far from my house.

kathy olkowski

I think my thumb is black-er! And I love lavender - I'll have to try these - brilliant!

Linda in Calif.

I've never heard of Lavender Wands before. They are cute - and look like they will be very functional. I'm glad you have found some plants that will live for you. Where I live roses are easy to grow. I plan on taking out two bushes (they are not in the right spot) this winter and then planting three more.

Linda in Calif.

I see that you haven't posted in a while - that's good. It means you are busy with your family. (And maybe busy at work - school starts soon!)


Hey Mama Pea...just checking in -- I hope all is going well up there and that you're just REALLY busy!!!!

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