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May 02, 2013


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Linda in Calif.

I didn't even know this was Thursday. I thought it was Tuesday and you were posting your Really Random post on the wrong day! Geez. I haven't even been drinking. Congrats on your new position. I think it will make it easier for you, you'll have more time (once you get used to it, that is).

Karen Schulz

visiting from really random thursday. Your post made me laugh. I love the comment about " we call it an Amish Buggy" - my husband says things like that. I love the blossom on the tree


Enjoyed your post and catching up on your busy life. I can't get over how the flowers have popped out over night. It's beautiful here too. I always loved those Fairy Tales and bet Sweet Pea will too. At least you have a joyful reason to drink! Congratulations on your promotion. Making my blocks drive me to drink. LOL Great pictures!


The fairy garden is sooo cute! I love that she wants to move them around to fool people!


Nice post! We got our cycles out last Sunday, also (see my post w/ photos) but we are in the midst of THE May snowstorm that is making new. We, here in S.E. MN (bottom right hand corner) only got a few(?) inches not the 15"+ that fell just to the west and north!! I do the "contact thing" only I need for distance, too, so have 1 contact for distance and the other eye is a bi-focal lens. The brain is a miraculous creation!!!! Hugs, Doreen


How wonderful to welcome spring with a bike ride, a flowering tree, AND a Corona! I'm looking forward to those things here too.

I adore the Brothers Grimm stories, especially since I never got to read any as a little kid. Some day, I hope to own a beautifully illustrated edition.


Some awesome random Mama Pea! Hasn't this weather been wonderful? I looked in our forecast and don't see any of the snow that hit the plains -- where did it go???

I'm impressed that you can do the one contact thing. I think that would drive me over the edge!


I like random Thursdays! Those rice krispie bars look awesome - it combines two of my favortie treats! Your neighbors may protest the peacocks :) - we had a neighbor with some and they make such a racket - I used to tell the kids that would visit that there were Pterodactyls living in woods.


Great post, Stephanie! Sorry that I am so behind on my blog reading!! Congrats on the new position!

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