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May 22, 2013


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Mary C.

Thanks for the divided basket review. Yours is very pretty~! I bought the pattern a while ago and haven't made one yet. I like to use Pellon Decor-Bond #809 in items/bags that need structure.

I'd keep the upside down basket for me; I have a hard time giving gifts that aren't "just right".

I think that beautiful hand-dyed fabric would make a great throw pillow, or even a purse.

Have fun at the conference.

Amy DeCesare

Beautiful basket, and thank you for the shout-out! I think that han-dyed fabric would also make a lovely divided basket, to keep for yourself. You are going to need a big break when this is all over. Have a great time!!!

Cindy Smith

Thank you SO much for the tips on the basket pattern. I haven't made mine yet, but I can't wait to do it! I do love how yours came out (upsidedown birds just give it character!) And I LOVE your fabric from you guild!! That is gorgeous!! I'll have to think about some suggestions for you on this. :)

Linda in Calif.

Wonderful Stephanie. Just so pretty and useful. (Oh I loved the booties too! She will be so happy) As for the birds being upside down, you could put a outside pocket there. You might have to hand stitch. Or applique some birds over the upside down birds. Or 3D flowers.


Nice review Stephanie - the fabrics you used are great. If the person you're giving the gift to isn't a craft person or sewing person they probably won't think twice about the upside down birds BUT I really like Linda's idea about the pocket or the applique. I don't know how hard the pocket would be now that it's all together. Enjoy the hectic days to come!


I love the basket and didn't realize there was a problem until you pointed it out and I had to go back and look. I'd give it to her. Love those fabrics and Love the fabrics you got at guild! I think I'd make a bag or pillow with it. Have fun at your conference.


Have fun at ABA! I haven't been in years (and yet, I don't miss it).


I've seen several of these bags on various blogs recently. Looks like a really fun one! Guess I need to get it for my "collection." LOL! Thanks for the review and tips!

If you are a baby laying on your back getting your diaper changed, the birds wouldn't be upside down would they? One side for the parents, the other side for the baby - I say give it as is.


I would give the basket and not even mention the upside down birds. They probably won't even notice! Good luck this weekend!!


I adore the basket for the new mom. No one would have ever noticed the fabric upside down!
Your wear me out with all your work. I don't see how you do it all!


Cute basket - pretty fabric - and I hope you get enough rest, lol!!!

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