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May 29, 2013


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Congrats on being published!!! and safe travels, my dear! (p.s. don't feel so bad, I had a Blizzard yesterday.)


Congratulations! I love Jana's quilt design--it works really well with the fabrics. 600 people, yikes. It is exhausting being "on" and requires some rest huh?


I'm only telling you this because it is funny after our recent conversation. One of the two code words I just had to type to get my last comment to show up was "SHORT" all in caps.


Congratulations on being published. I'm so happy for you and can't wait to see it in print! Have fun on your trip.


600 people? You earned that McFlurry.


Oh congratulations to you Stephanie! That is some very exciting news!!

Patti J

Your being published!!! I have two famous friends. lol Your other job amazes me. I would crap my pants at 600 people. I can't even be in a room with that many people without a panic attack let alone speak in front of them. Keep us posted


Wow! Congratulations! How very exciting!


I'm so proud of you!!!! You were published!!! How special is that??!! Yay!!! I've always said you are amazing! :)


I am sure you did great at your presentation! 600 people is a great turn out!

I can't wait to see your mini, can't wait to see the magazine it is in!!

You are so talented at all that you do- great job!


First - YAY YOU! That's awesome getting your mini quilt published!!! Second - you're awesome just for getting up in front of 600 people to speak!!! Hope your travels are going well. Looking forward to seeing your mini when it's revealed.

Amy DeCesare

Now, that IS exciting news! So glad you've had a brilliant outcome to your busy busy week. Now you can relax. I really look forward to seeing your mini published!

Linda in Calif.

Exciting! Exciting! So happy for you!

kathy olkowski

I can't wait to see what your mini is - congrats! I know it will be spectacular!

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