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April 04, 2013


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Nutty Professor too stinkin' funny and awesome at the same time!! Have a great day!

Maggie Szafranski

Love those pitchers! One would have had to come home with me!


You have made my day. I love having an early morning giggle and you gave me that. Love this post and enjoyed seeing the pictures! You must have a really great job!


When I worked on campus I hauled all my stuff in a rolling suitcase back and forth from home to campus. We only live two blocks from campus but it is too far to carry heavy books and a laptop, rolling worked well. I probably did mumble myself and often avoided cracks in the sidewalk. Not the normal cracks that are suppose to be there, but the big sidewalk potholes that might have swallowed my stuff.


I forgot to mention that the crane probably came from my area. We get hundreds, maybe thousands of cranes twice a year here as they migrate. most of them left here a few weeks ago to head your way.


You're a Funny Girl!!! I love SweetPea's cute snowman -- she's very creative -- a chip off the old block. How fun to see the Sandhill Crane. We're having signs of spring around here too. I'll be looking for our duck couple soon!

Amy DeCesare

Hilarious stuff today...I needed a laugh or two or three, so thanks for that. Hey, I have that same pitcher obsession...those ones are so cute! They remind me of the old KoolAid commercials on tv.


You crack me up! Great post, Stephanie....(Are you going to the meeting?....I see it's tonight....I bet the students would get a kick out of seeing you there!)


Now I have the Grease song in my head. Thanks a lot.

I want those red pitchers! Or at least one of them! And, E is so darned creative, her snowman is awesome, and I too, am glad he has gone away until next year (we hope).


I love this post. "Nutty Professor" not a bad nickname. You did good typing with out your glasses. You wouldn't be able to read it if I typed with out glasses. I would love those pitchers. Unfortunately I don't have room for them. Have a good one. Hugs

Linda in Calif.

Spring? I think spring has sprung and we are almost into summer. Well, we'll have a couple more weeks of spring. The crane is magnificent - and so is your typing without glasses. Too funny - cause I do that too and then I wonder how bad I typed and will I actually be make any sense.


When you get to be like my nutty econ prof, I will tell you and tell you to retire! (She was mismatched, mumbled, wool socks sagging with a rumpled skirt...)

Love the pitchers and the sign in the shop!
As of the WMU sign- makes me think of Sheldon Cooper on Big Bang and his latest mistakes with the HR director. Too funny!
Give Sweet Pea a hug from ALP!


Have to laugh at the note and flyer. Sweet Pea's snowman is so cool!


SO glad to have you post today, you nutty professor, you! Sweet Pea just gets more adorable all the time. Yes, the orange pitches are fabulous. I have one nearly identical to the largest one. Love it. And the signs are hilarious!

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