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April 11, 2013


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Linda in Calif.

Stephanie, this was a great post with all the ups and downs! It just made me laugh. And I was thinking - who's that guy? I don't think you've ever posted a picture of your hubby before. (Maybe you have and I just don't remember) We don't put any frosting on our angel food cake, sometimes fruit. Sweetie Pea looks so cute with her new do. And here's hoping that Rosa returns.


I love your really randoms! SweetPea looks adorable with her new haircut. And it appears that you're in the transition years -- you know...you've always been two steps (or more) ahead of her, but now...falling behind a bit LOL? The fact that she got two pedicures in two weeks cracked me up!

And I had fun playing in my head with your discussion about your high school reunion. Let's put things you wouldn't miss for your high school reunion in a list. A Gruber's retreat is DEFINITELY not worth missing for a high school reunion. And, in my case, I could also add root canal, cleaning toilets and colonoscopy to the list. High school was hard? High school was Hell!

Happy Thursday!!!


What a great post. Sweet Pea looks adorable. I would LOVE to have my hair look like that. Pedicures are the best! Your Wednesday night at the pub sounds great! Yay for choosing Grubers--you won't be sorry. :)


:) I've never been to a high school reunion. There were over 800 students in my graduating class, and I keep in touch with my friends. But the others, who would I recognize?

Love, love, love Sweet Pea's new do!


Yah, I don't do high school reunions either. (My 30th will be in 2014--yipes!)Actually, I haven't done college reunions or camp reunions either, so I guess I'm just not a reunion-type person. Heck, half the time someone from high school tries to add me on Facebook, I have no idea who they are anyway lol, I'm such a burnout.

So sorry about Rosa. Hope she's okay :(

You have the cutest daughter!!! And I love her new hairdo! She's so adorable! :)


I know what you mean about HS reunions. Ugh! Love Sweet Pea's hair cut. She is so cute. About that cat...I have one if you want. The vet just told me I had to cook her a special recipe of Rabbit, potato, etc. and then grind it all up for her. Not happening!


I love your random thoughts. Sweet Peas hair looks adorable. She is such a good looking young lady. Pedicure, yogurt, burgers and a beer, quilt retreat..lots of ups there. Hope you find Rosa soon. Hugs


Grubers!!! I try and stop there on my way to the Cities but it's been a while now. I love your DD's haircut... so nice seeing something other than long hair on a young girl. Hope your kitty comes home soon!


OMG! Stale angel food cake is the best!!! I also always asked for angel food cake for my birthday. Occasionally I wanted blueberry pie, but angel food cake with marshmallow frosting - YUM!

Sweet Pea's hair is so cute!

So sorry about sweet Rosa! Spidey sure is handsome though!


Just saw a new angel food recipe on pinterest. You dump in 20 oz can of crushed pineapple into the regular angel food cake mix. I'm going to try it next. Sounded good.

Sweet Pea's hair is beautiful! i love that cut! Glad she likes it and feels special!

I've never been to a high school reunion either. No reason to go cause I didn't like school at all...serves me right that I grew up to become a homeschool mom! If I had only known! LOL! Loved your post.


I went to my 5-year class reunion, which felt like not a single person had grown up. I skipped my last reunion, which would have been 25 years. Just not interested. Don't sweat it, you'll have more fun at Grubers.

I haven't had angel food cake in many years. Looks so charming and delicious!

Cutey haircut!


I organized my 10 year and helping with the 20 year. It's way more work than a wedding! I enjoy seeing people but I end up having HS dreams for awhile! My parents still live where I grew up so I hear about several of my classmates through out the years. But if given the choice- I would do Grubers :)
If you need help with a stylist, let me know I like my lady.
Sweet pea's hair is super cute!


Sweet Pea's hair looks DARLING. That cut really suits her. Where's your pic, hm??? *G*
I passed my 30th a few years ago, and I'll never ever EVER go to a reunion. HATED high school. Although I did manage to get together with my best friend from HS, just last autumn, we hadn't seen each other in 30 years - it was awesome!


This year is my 30th, too.

I was voted most school spirited, and I have only been to two: The 5th and the 20th. Meh.

Sweet Pea rocks that 'do!


I too would pick the Grubers retreat over the HS reunion. You seem so energized after going to one. The quilt store looks fantastic and hard to pass up. I have been to a couple of my class reunions because a good friend from HS wants to go but will only go if I go with her. She flies up from Memphis so I look at it as a girlfriend weekend since we don't take the husbands. She wasn't married when we started so Phil volunteered to stay home so now it is just our tradition.


Sweet Pea's hair is super cute!!! Love it! Ummm, haven't been to any of my hs reunions either. No thank you. :-)


Stephanie, I love this post...so fun! some random thoughts: I love Sweet Pea's hair cut: it's so perfect for her....I've been to 4 high school reunions and had a blast at every one (my senior class had 117 students, so we all know each other...makes for more fun and they get better the older you are imho) ....I love frozen yogurt....angel food cake is a favorite birthday food for all the guys in my family....poor kitty!

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