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April 10, 2013


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So funny! I checked this out on Flickr before I saw your blog post about it. I clicked on the photo called "large duffle." I was like, that's large?! That's a duffle bag?! Looks tiny lol. Really cute btw. :)


Wow, that's a lot of little duffs! How fun to see the variety of fabrics everyone chose. Someday, I hope to make one of these. They're so cute and seem so handy.

Amy DeCesare

Such a cool pattern, and the photos of all those little bags just made me smile. They're like a litter of puppies...so cute!
I went back and had another look at your "made" fabric, and that one wins for MOST AWESOME! {But I love them all!}

Cindy Smith

These are GREAT, Stephanie! I have a pattern very similar to this, and you won't believe it, but I took it to a retreat a couple years ago and helped other gals in my group make them. LOL I love your fabric choices (especially the ones in your prior post with the Crab Shack...awesome!!)


Those tiny ones are too cute!

Linda in Calif.

I need a new make up bag, but I'm not sure this the large one is large enough. It sure looks like fun to make. Very cute.


Oh, how fun. I love seeing all the cute bags made out of such cute fabrics. The blue one with the flowers caught my eye. But I still love best the one of made fabric that you made for me!


Oooooo I love them. They are so adorable. I really love them. Hugs


Those are just adorable! I need to get that pattern.


Just ordered the pattern. I had no idea it was so reasonably priced! Maybe I'll make one tomorrow.


I love seeing them all together!

Ellie Q

So cute! Love the tiny ones!


I feel a road trip coming on. That store sounds like a lot of fun.


Very pretty Mama Pea! I love your fabric choices. I'm like you though -- there's just something about putting those bits of fabric together that makes patchwork bags a bit more fun!


These are all so cute. They would sure make cute travel bags for make up, cords, etc. etc. And they are all so beautiful together! Love them.


These are so darling. I love them all

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