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April 12, 2013


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Such fun fabric! I'm imagining it as a really awesome play tent. Wouldn't that be fun? I look forward to seeing what you do with it.


We've had a little sun in between rain storms. It's COLD today! And windy. My poor daffodils are probably wishing they'd waited to poke their heads out! Amanda's new fabric is beautiful! Have a fabulous weekend, and enjoy your sew day . . . Hugs!


Ooooh, wow -- such a fun departure for Amanda. You have the best gig! If I were sent that fabric I'd ooh and ahhh and then put it on my shelf to pet. 'Cause I'm lazy like that LOL. Sorry you won't be at market -- I'll miss you!!!

Amanda herring

Love you, Steph!!!


I have to laugh at Thimbleanna's comment. I think I'd do the same with this beautiful fabric. Can't wait to see what you do with it. You know these are my colors. I may just have to splurge! Looking forward to seeing you Saturday. Hope it doesn't snow!

Amy DeCesare

Very exotic! I think I would have to make some pillows and add tassels to the corners.


What fun fabric. Yes, I definitely WOULD buy it just for the selvages too! Boo hoo--I so wish you were coming to Portland. Mark and I are going to be there. I would love some of your rain, and you can have some of our sun.


Love the fabric! I just started "collecting" her fabric. I am not sure what took me so long, I have admired her lines for quite some time but finally crossed the line (I hit a sale!) i REALLLY need those elephants! I know you'll come up with something wonderful!


If i had a whole bunch of that fabric (love the elephants), I'd make a quilt for sure but don't know what pattern I'd use. If I had scraps, that might make a nice placemat or two for my son who was in India one summer several years ago helping an Indian doctor. Can't wait to see how you use it!

Lisa Lisa

I love everything from The Quilted Fish! I'm currently doing my Riley Blake BOM using Amanda's fabric. I really, really like Madhuri!


I love this fabric as I grew up in India. I would make pillow covers to have all over my home and remind me of my childhood :-)


I saw the new line in a Riley Blake fabric swatch book at my LQS recently. The owner really likes Riley Blake so we have been getting some of their fabrics.

The sun is still shining! We have seen it recently.


I sent you a couple of emails about this fabric, but I don't know if you got them. Anyway, it reminds me so much of a man named Jim Thompson, who was famous for his work in Bangkok, Thailand. He worked with the Thai people but he also worked with silk and developed a rather distinctive line of fabric in leather, silk clothing, etc. with a wonderful elephant pattern. Grandpa Pea and I had taken our first cruise and traveled to SE Asia and came across his work in Thailand; I badly wanted something to take back with me. All I could afford was a tiny little bag with the elephant pattern. I still have the bag today and treasure it as a memento. Thanks for the memories in this beautiful fabric! :-)


I love the fabric! I wish Amanda would do a little more with purples...I love the patterns in her fabric but GAP's favorite color is purple, I might have to try and mix and match designers.

I went to an Indian (Hindu) reception 2 years ago and the sari's were beautiful- this fabric gives a hint of those exquisite fabrics.

I hope you enjoyed the sun today, I know we did!


I am pretty sure I've read this exact same sort of statement somewhere else, it should be more popular with the public.

Ellie Q

I love the elephants! So fun!

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