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April 30, 2013


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How frustrating!!! Try basting a color catcher over the top of the run and washing it again. Soaking it in Borax might also help. I've even made a paste with Borax and rubbed it over the stain and let it sit for a bit before washing. Wet the area first. I've also tried the same thing with Oxiclean. Both worked equally well for me. I only switched to Borax because my son needed it for a science experiment. The experiment only called for a few tablespoons so I had to do something with the rest of the box!


Try a few color catchers! Try baking soda! Try Synthrapol! Good luck!

maggie robinson

that's a shame Stephanie..I have used the javex bleach pen in situations like that... It is not harsh and it usuallly works.... Good Luck

Mary C

In the wash again with Oxyclean (a lot) and color catchers. Same thing happened to me on a quilt I made my mom. Lakehouse reds run. Oxyclean worked. Good luck~!

Lisa Lisa

Definitely try the Shout Color Catchers! Love that fabric!!! I think I know what's next on my list :)


Ugh! Too bad about the thread! That is a bummer! I'd be interested to know what works if you continue to try to get it out. Good luck :-) I've found that blotting it with a damp washcloth has helped get out red that has run in the past. Thanks for the sneak peek :-)


Looks like a fun quilt from the sneak peak! And a fun collection to get to play with ahead of everyone else.


I've had such great luck with OxyClean for everything. I don't live without it.

I guess I will learn more when I meet you next week, but do you quilt professionally for others?

Anyway, my roses are budding too and I haven't cut mine back yet either. I should probably do that.

Amy DeCesare

Dang that DMC red floss! I am going to have to remember that. I've heard this advice before...for showing quilts that have a little issue or two: Hang 'em high and keep 'em moving!


Oh, how heartbreaking!


I am sure the quilt is adorable the back sure is! I have always used DMC thread. Now I am afraid to use it for my smocking!


Oh no! I sure hate it that your project could be messed up. Definitely try those things the other suggested...it might actually make the red go away somewhat...enough to make you feel better about it anyway. Sooo sorry!! And, yes, I love the elephants, too.


Come to think of it, I think I've had DMC run before too. VERY frustrating! I hope it will somehow all work out. Can't wait to see the real thing!


I'm so SO sorry this happened. And how super frustrating! I will be looking for this quilt at market though (although I would rather be looking for YOU!)


Wow - I would have never expected DMC floss to run! So many people use it for redwork. Bummer.

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