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April 26, 2013


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What a lucky brother! Those socks look so lovely and cozy. I love wool socks, and every year I tell myself I should learn how to make them. But I'm a knitting chicken!


I need to learn how to knit~!


You amaze me. Those socks are fantastic. Your stitches are perfect! Love your bag and giggled at the cute Sweet Pea story. I've never tried working with the laminated fabric. Guess I'll put that on my list.


The warmer weather is here too! We got everything in the front yard cut back and cleaned up last weekend. Time to get out the hose and start watering this weekend.

Love your socks! I'm sure your brother will appreciate them.

Cute, cute bag! That is a great idea. I usually carry a gallon size ziplock bag for wet swim suits. Making a bag from laminate is so much more stylish. So is it essentially just a bag made from two pieces of laminate (outside and lining)? Looks like there may be a little accent cotton fabric on the inside of the handle.


Oh wow! I love those socks!! I am SO impressed!! You never cease to amaze me, Stephanie. And the bikini bag....that is just adorable. I LOVE that fabric! I'm so glad Sweet Pea love fabric as much as you. That is a special relationship. :)


Cute fabric for your new bag. I could use one of those quickie projects these days.

Jackie W.

Is there anything you can't do? K, don't answer that I already know the answer.


Supposed to be nearly 70 here, too! Can you freakin' believe it?!? And I would have thought Hell froze over today, cuz... I blogged!!!! Love the socks...

maggie robinson

Hi Stephanie...
There you go being amazing again:)
Love the socks...I have taken up the needles too ...Something about knitting after a busy day that is relaxing..Nice job and they are so cosy to wear. I am sure your bro will love them.
When my DH 7 I were going to-gether I decided to knit him a pair of socks. I used the original Kroy woll and each time he wore them they grew!!!! we often chuckle about that..
I Love the bikini bag too.... Perfect for the bathing suits. Sweet Pea is such a sweetie...girls are fun aren't they..

Lisa Lisa

Love the socks! I spent a lot of years knitting sweaters and blankets but never socks....not that brave! That bag is pretty awesome, too! Cute, cute story about Sweet Pea :) Happy Friday!!


Ahhh, you're raising a fine specimen of a fabric lover! That Sweet Pea is just too cute. LOVE that cute little bikini bag. And you're so sweet to knit your brother some socks -- that size would definitely take looooooong time LOL!

Maggie Szafranski

Love the socks! And the bikini bag!


I am soooo impressed with the socks, love the bag and am happy that your little Sweet Pea is following in your footsteps with her love of fabric!


Hi Stephanie - We've had company for the past couple weeks so I'm WAAAAY behind on blogs. Love the socks!! They look so perfect. I really want to try socks but I'm chicken . . . The pictures of Sweet Pea kissing the fabric is priceless :)

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