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April 08, 2013


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Your stash in a mess?!?!! Nah . . . surely not! Your block turned out cute in spite of yourself! Heehee!


I have learned lesson 2 the hard way as well. It doesn't really matter with squares, circles, ... any symmetric shape, but it does matter for non-symmetric shapes like that parallelogram. Interestingly enough, it was that same shape that taught me the lesson. Another thing to watch for is that sometimes you need your fabrics to be right-side up for this shape and other times you need to cut them wrong-side up. I haven't found a pattern yet that tells you which way to cut your fabric. I have just learned to check each time I cut this shape for a block.


LOL you are so like me. Love your block. Wish I had a Sizzix.


The block does look a little complicated to me, and I think I would say the same thing you did...don't look too closely! LOL! I received a Go Baby last July, and would you believe that I haven't even opened it?! I don't know why...just haven't taken the time to do it. I guess I should before my next b'day! (If I told you this before in a comment, overlook me. I told someone; could have been you!)


Lesson 6: Sometimes scissors and a pencil are a lot easier ROFLOL!!!! Those fabrics look really fun!

Linda in Calif.

Just goes to show that like everything else it takes a few rounds to get good - but the funny thing is I would think there really wouldn't be a learning curve for one of these cutting machines.

Jackie W.

You crack me up!

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