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February 07, 2013


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Maggie Szafranski

Awesome! I love bubbles! I think I need to find my bubbles and take them to work. They help bring a little silliness to all the tension we are having with the new computer system!


You're such a crafty mom! Love what you came up with.


Great job all around! Love the little mailbox. Sweet Pea did an excellent job! Our usual tradition has been to give a Valentine's luncheon for friends...this year the girls REALLY wanted to, but I'm holding out and just didn't want to bother. I think I'd rather do a spring luncheon with the warm breezes blowing. Unless they talk me into it...

kathy olkowski

You are the BEST mom ever! These are absolutely darling! Both of you will be the hit of the party! Can't wait to see what you come up with for that!


Those are so cute! Timothy's class doesn't hand out Valentine's anymore :( and Lily has ditched all of my ideas so she is creating her own with lots of hearts and heart stickers!


Those are adorable! Cute little SweetPea -- she is her Mama's child LOL. Sounds like you've got a big, fun party in the making. I used to love to do that stuff when the kids were little. Oh, and the "check" is in the mail LOL -- just in time to help with the party prep!


What a fun and clever idea! Love the mailbox!


This is adorable! I miss my boys being little and doing all this. I love the mail box too!


What sweet valentines to give friends! And that mailbox is so adorable. Looks like it could double as a fun lunch box. How fun to be planning a Valentine's Day party for the school kids. I bet lots of crafts are going on in your house right now!


How sweet. Everyone will feel so special when they get Sweet Peas valentine. I love the mailbox. Hugs


What a great idea! You are the best Mom. I love the bubble idea. And that mail box is so cute! You are one crafty Mom! Looking forward to seeing your post about the party. I bet it will be great! Those kids are so lucky to have you.


Your little girl will never forget making these and the kids in her class will feel so special to receive something handmade! What a great mom you are. Now, I must make a trip to Target for those cute little bubble bottles!!


Those are both so cute! Looks like Elsa has inherited her mother's talent for design! Very cute valentines, and I love the mailbox! Great job, Elsa!


Cute! I buy those little mail boxes every year for my nieces & nephews! Dollar bin at Target.

I wish I would make homemade Valentines but Eli picked out Spiderman Valentines and that's fine by me!


These are adorable! Sweet Pea did a great job on the Valentines and her mailbox. She is creative like her mother! I remember being in charge of my girls parties at school and will treasure those days forever. It was always a lot of work but fun.

Jackie W.

Your daughter is super talented! Just like her mom=)


Yikes! I haven't even thought about Valentines! I guess we need to take care of that this weekend. Sweet Pea's are super cute! And I love the little mailbox too!

Linda in Calif.

Cute valentines, and a cute project. I remember you made them last year too. I'm so happy someone else is meh about the holiday too. I think it's fine but all the hype (ads) gets to be annoying.

Ellie Q

Like mother, like daughter! Glad to see she has the crafty bug! I'm into Valentine's Day for one thing--the chocolate! Beyond that, it's just fun to get into it for the kids' sake.


Those are such cute Valentines and a great idea!!!! No more valentines for school her but that would've been really cool to do!

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