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February 14, 2013


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A wonderfully random collection of things to heart! I love your colourful photos. Happy valentines day!


Awwww, you're SO Sweet! Thanks for the shout out! LOVED that video -- thanks for posting it -- you're right -- so much easier to remember the signs having seen the video. Happy, Happy Valentine's Day!!!


I heart you my dear friend!! Miss you!!

Happy Valentine's Day!


I heart you. I heart your random posts.


I love that Barbie Friendship. Amazing.

Linda in Calif.

Fun post. I really love those heart candies with the sayings on them like "love U', "call me" only it's probably "text me" now. I went to the store to buy some and they were out of them. Tsk, Tsk I shouldn't wait until the last minute.


Always {heart} your posts and seeing what you and Sweet Pea are up to! Great news on the all new bathroom--know that makes you happy! Yep, I {heart} chocolate, too! And this week I'm really {heart-ing} my daughter cooking all week for me!! Good stuff! Come over and take a look at the cake she made. We told her she could sell that for a lotta money, but she said it wasn't good enough. Oh, my! Happy Valentine's Day to you all.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Sweet Pea spent her allowance well! I've never seen one of those and I want to play too. Happy Valentine's Day!!


Wonderful post! Loved seeing all the things you "heart." I Heart chocolate too. That Barbie toy is darling. I'm so glad you and Sweet Pea found it. She's a sweetie. I think I Heart her too!


I really {heart} my daughter, granddaughter, and son-in-law who so often show up in this blog. But the blog makes me lonesome for them! 8-)
I do remember the Friend Ship and how much fun Mamma Pea had playing with hers; hope Sweet Pea enjoys hers half as much! (Barbie and Ken had a soaring good time in it, probably!)
Tell Pappa Pea good luck with that bathroom! I want to use it one of these days soon! ;-)
Happy Valentine's Day to you all!


I heart your blog and you! Sweet Pea looks like she is having a great time. I have kept all my girls toys and so glad I did. They are made so much better than toys now.
I ordered twine last week in those colors plus purple and love it! I have also ordered from Zipit.
Papa Pea is lucky to have you in his life also!
I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.
You've got to see what I posted today!!! :)


I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day Stephanie with your family. Fun post of all the things you heart!


Awww - it was fun seeing what you {heart}. Great video and I {heart} Zipit too. Getting their squishy package is a treat.


I {heart} reading your posts.


Stephanie, like everyone else before me, I Heart Your post. You have lots going on!! Hope you felt loved on Valentine's Day!


I {heart} Zipit zippers, too! I {heart} your ear bud project because I spent most of the last week of December and the first week of January making them. I had originally ordered a 25-pack for them, made about 20 and just a couple of weeks ago ordered 100 (!) more. I am so excited to make more! I {heart} that zipit sends a little zipper pull with each order.


That is in WAY better shape then my Barbie Friendship was when I was done with it (well, after my sister was then done with it, I should say) I'm pretty sure mine is in a landfill somewhere. I'm so impressed that it still had the service cart and the tailpiece.

I heart you, my friend!


Thanks for the great video! I had to laugh! She did exactly what I would probably do! We are thinking about redoing a bathroom.......but I'm chicken to do it. Looks like yours is going well!

Maggie Szafranski

I love reading your blog! Just now getting back to my routine after vacation!

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