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January 08, 2013


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Love the quilt, Stephanie! And glad you busted that UFO! LOL! But I like the story behind the Olive Juice even more! I bet your brother really loved that....and I know they had to love the quilt and all the work you put into it! Great job!


What a beautiful quilt! I love the warm rich colors. What a thrill to give this as a gift, especially to a family member so you can see it when you visit.


Stephanie...I LOVE this quilt!!!! Olive Juice!!!!! What a great story and name for it!!! I truly enjoyed your post and not just because the obvious reasons. :-) Everything about this quilt screams "cuddle with me." Those are my favorite kinds of quilts. I am so happy that you like the wool batting. It is my favorite. Just had a big roll of it delivered!! The binding is perfect!! I never would have known it was the original you intended to use. The label is amazing!!! Every detail on it. You are so good!! Thanks so much again. I know your brother will enjoy it for years to come!


What a funny story about Olive Juice and what an appropriate name for the quilt - it's lovely! I'm going to have to give wool batting a try!


Gorgeous, gorgeous quilt, Stephanie! And Linda's quilting is always stellar. You must be so proud of this one!


What a great name as well as the story behind it! It's a beautiful quilt! I've never tried wool batting but have been curious for some time. I think I need to get myself some and give it a try.

Amy DeCesare

Ha ha ha...I never knew that about "olive juice" before! This is such a beautiful quilt, and I'm really happy to know how the wool batting worked out. I want to try that sometime on a quilt, too. Gorgeous finish, so snuggly and cushy. Kudos to you and the quilter!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

That is one beautiful quilt Stephanie!


I'm too busy practicing Olive Juice to see if it really works LOL! Your quilt is gorgeous -- I'm sure your brother and his wife loved it! And what a fun story to go along with it!


Gobsmacked- Stephanie I love this so much! Please if they don't like it send it to me, lol. Wow, girl, the borders are just brilliant, I love the nine-patches in only two corners. I love everything about it!!!!!!
ANd yes, I had to say "olive juice" in the mirror to see if it worked, lol....what a darling story!

Lisa Ruble

This looks great! And I love the borders too. Nice finish! And until I read you were giving it away, I was thinking you could use it to keep warm in your basement... :)


How special to name the quilt after a favorite memory between you and your brother....Love that! Congrats on your finish, and a gorgeous one it is!!

Jackie W.

I love the corners and love the texture after washing! Is this the bro that is a super hero in my eyes? He must have loved it!!

Maggie Szafranski

Love the quilt! And I LOVE wool batting! Won't use anything else unless I have to! It quilts us so nicely! It is fantastic for a cuddly baby quilt!


Your quilt is gorgeous!!


What a beautiful quilt. You amaze me. I don't think I'll ever be able to make all those precise little squares like you do. I love how Linda quilted it too. I would love to try that wool batting. What a wonderful gift!


It's beautiful! I love that the name has a story too :-) Interesting to hear your thoughts on wool batting. I've always ben a cotton girl and hesitant to change, but I may give wool a try sometime. I do know that Linda is a fan of it too.

Linda in Calif.

I think a big quilt taking only 4 years (or 5) is very timely. Most of mine are on the 10 year plan. I knew I wasn't the only one to lose things in the sewing room - thank goodness you found this green for the binding. Your Olive Juice story and Read my Lips is going to have me laughing all day. I bet your brother will too every time he uses this quilt. Beautiful quilt.


Nice story. Nice quilt. Nice everything.


What a gorgeous quilt! I love the fabrics and the pattern. Linda did a great job with the quilting as she always does.


Gobsmacked is such a great word, and that is exactly how I felt when I saw this quilt and read about it! It is soooo gorgeous. And I loved the story of Olive Juice more than you can imagine!! You learn something new about your children all the time. You two, who used to keep secrets from me by speaking in German, even had your own language in ENGLISH!! I am blown away! Can't wait to see and cuddle under that quilt in person. It is super delicious!


Wow! A wonderful quilt with a wonderful story!

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