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January 22, 2013


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Mary on Lake Pulaski

Very pretty and you are all set to start!


That looks awesome!! I can't wait to see your blocks!


Ok these look beautiful but I don't get the embroidery and quilting thing :/ What's that all about?


Wow, good for you! This project is so lovely. I've never made a feathered star block. I can't get over how beautiful they are. I have a feeling it's going to be quite fun to work on.


Wow! Gorgeous fabrics and what a fun pattern. I think it's cool that it is all done in the embroidery machine.

My goodness, they cancel school because it is cold! It has been as low as -22 some mornings when my P. left for the bus stop. This morning it was only -6. And these are just the temperatures. I don't know what the wind chill has been. I just bundle him up good and send him.


Oh my...I know you told me about these but wow. The feathered star and embroidery are fantastic. Be sure to show us lots of pictures. Hugs


You know how much I love these blocks and the quilting. Yours are going to be beautiful. I love the fabrics you are using. I can't wait to see the finished quilt! It's going to be awesome!


Gorgeous! What a beautiful quilt it will be. It is definitely not cheating when you embroider! The feathers are so pretty. I love the fabrics you chose too!
I thought about you today when they said some schools were closed. Stay warm!


Oh, how beautiful! I didn't realize that it was embroidery at first....so cool!


Oooh, it looks like so much fun -- it's beautiful. I LOVE the colors you've chosen -- this will be a fun project to watch unfold. (And repeat after me...Moda Bella...Moda Bella...Moda Bella...!)

Lisa Ruble

Ooh, I love that! I saw it in the email from Bernina Sewing Center, but didn't really "get" it until seeing your close-ups. No worries about points not matching in this quilt! :) can't wait to see your progress.


silly girl....
can't wait to see your progress!!


Very cool - feathered stars without having to match anthing!!! I hadn't played with my embroidery attachment in YEARS and just got it out last weekend because I found some great crosses to embroider (it took HOURS but I got all 10 of them completed). I went out to the Hoopsisters site and they are going to be at a shop in Vegas on the 12th of next month. I'll have to go check them out - that may be dangerous to my bank account though. Looking forward to watching your progress.


oh, my! This will be awesome!


Oh....my....goodness!!! I cannot wait to see your quilt. This is so beautiful! And I love your fabric choices. They are perfect!

Maggie Szafranski

I did a Hoop Sisters BOM a couple years ago! It was a lot of fun!


This looks absolutely luscious! I can see why you fell in love with it; I would have done the same. The colors are gorgeous, and I know you will have a great time doing this quilt. Is this the one for the new hoop?

Linda in Calif.

Oooh, are you ever going to love doing those feathered stars! They are so beautiful. I was super good last year and didn't start any boms - so I'm signing up for two BOM's this year and doing a third one online. Sometimes you just have to, Right? I also think your quilt needs a bit of that bright yellow to make it pop.

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