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January 14, 2013


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Such neat gifts!! I love the story with your neighbors. That just makes my heart swell! I still have to try making those earbud pouches. Hopefully some day soon!


Can I be your neighbor? :) I love the sewing jar! That measuring tape ribbon is adorable.


Love the stories of your neighbors and the breads. Wish I had a bite right now!
Your gifts are all wonderful. I don't know how you accomplish all that you do!


Those are all wonderful gifts, and I'm so glad your neighbor is warming up. I love how your cat was helping. You know ours do that all the time. And you are so busy! I don't know how you found the time to even do those things . . .


Those were the nicest little gifts, Stephanie!!! You did a lot, what do mean you didn't do this much this year??!!! Looks like some baking and sewing went in! You are awesome! Those were all thoughtful gifts from the heart. I LOVE the stories you told about your neighbors. True meaning of Christmas. :-)


Wow, you were busy over the holidays. What wonderful gifts. These are one you know will be enjoyed! I'm going to get those recipes and try some now. I don't know what is wrong with my blog, but I don't think it updates like it should. I never saw your blog about those pouches. They are darling. Great posts, great stories.


Those breads look delicious. And your earbud pouches look perfectly round. How did you do that? Mine look a little off...


I stayed home the whole break and didn't do much baking either. Your bread looks delicious! And you know I love those pouches. I've been meaning to make a couple more for my gift stash.


That bread looks wonderful! I'm a sucker for anything orange/cranberry flavored, so I'm definitely going to try out that recipe.

Neighbor reactions to Christmas gifts are often surprising -- I wish more people did that these days. I think it would bring communities closer!


Wow -- looks like you had a great Christmas with your projects. I MUST make me an earbud pouch or two -- mine are always tangled or lost. Yours are all adorable!

Linda in Calif.

I actually enjoyed seeing the little pouches again. Maybe the pictures are different - but at any rate - it was fun. What a great idea to get the boxes from the store. It makes the gift so cool looking. Baking bread is a easy and so sweet to give. I do hope your grumpy neighbor gets nicer. I've lived next to grumps and crazies before, not so fun. One nice thing is you are teaching Sweet Pea how to deal with people.


These are really wonderful Christmas gifts! I love the mix of bread and other handmade goodies that are so practical. I didn't have time to bake or make anything for anyone, and barely got a few cards sent out, so I envy all that you got done even when you said you were so busy during Christmas. I love that story about your grumpy neighbor, who probably isn't so grumpy after all. Just lonely and doesn't want to be bothered. Good for you!


What a great neighbor you are and you're teaching Sweet Pea by your actions - I love to hear stories of people who still do exactly what you do - you're always thinking of others. I ordered a bunch of zippers from Zipit the other day and they just came in so now I can make some of the little ear bud pouches - thanks for the inspiration - they are so cute. Thanks, also, for the link to Zipit!


You know the saying....if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it! You are amazing with all this Christmas baking!! Wow! You put me to shame...I didn't do that for my neighbors this year, and I should have! I'll have to try that bread recipe--sounds yummy for sure! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the story of the grumpy neighbor. You probably made his Christmas!!

Maggie Szafranski

Awesome! I am going to try the cranberry/orange bread! And am so glad that you made the curmudgeon across the road happy!

Cathy B

You made the grumpy old man's day. I love all your Christmas gifts. You do such a great job. Hope your New Year is going good. Hugs

kathy olkowski

Ahhh - found the comment button - whew! Thought I'd lost you! Yummmmm-o on these breads! And these little pouches are absolutely darling.


Wonderful gifts! Love the story of your grumpy neighbor's response to the gift of bread. THANK YOU for including the recipe--my mouth watered just reading it.

Amy DeCesare

These are totally cute, especially in little sets! I'm so glad you posted again about them, because I kind of forgot about them. Now I'm putting them at the top of my Want to Make list!


Spectacular gifts and such a sweet neighbor you are!! I'm sure you made a difference in his day :-D Really nice!!

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