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December 11, 2012


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Super cute project! And your quilting looks fabulous, Stephanie! I noticed it right away!!!


I don't enjoy "get it done" type sewing either. I'm glad to be done with my gift sewing! I even got to do a little sewing for me this afternoon. I started on the piecing for my Which Witch's Boot.

Your bag is cute! I love pistachios too and think they make a nice gift.

Amanda Herring

love it!!!


What a super cute project! I don't know how you get things done with all else you have to do. Good luck on all that shopping and stay safe traveling. Happy Holidays!


I dropped it off and she likes it. I sent her your blog today too.
First, I saw the bag first hand and was pointing out to Leader MK and the other ladies at the Eagle's nest that you quilted it and how talented you are and all were amazed.
For anyone else reading this comment, Mama Pea is too hard on herself! The quilting was great and the inside was completly finished. as for use, I think MK might be able to use it to hold a diaper, wipes and a bottle for those quick trips to the store, library, etc.
Super cute and well done!!!

Maggie Szafranski

Great bag! And it is great that there are people out there willing to give of their time for kids!


OH I forgot to tell you! That I picked out a pattern from An Apple a Day to make with my fabric. I can't wait!! I need to check out Amanda's e-magizine and see if there is something there I want to make instead but I think I will be sticking with one of the quilts from An Apple a Day. I will share pictures when I have the top done..maybe in 12 months ;)


Very cute Mama Pea! I often see patterns and think just as you did -- what would I use it for after I make it. Sometimes I think we make stuff just 'cause we're tired of making all the usual stuff. But the tried and true is tried and true for a reason. HarHar -- what's with all this philosophy so early LOL??? Good luck with all the holiday prep -- I'm right there with you -- running behind as usual!


Cute bag! And it could be used for all kinds of long narrow stuff. As Maureen said, it would be great for a trip to the library; your friend could stick diaper wipe and a bottle in it and still have room for a couple of library books, etc. It's a cute little bag, and I love the quilting. The ruffle is great too. I loved my ruffler and used it often!


What a great gift bag. Love your ruffle. I'm like you, I tend to overquilt things but I just can't stop once I get started.


This is gorgeous, and it makes a great gift too instead of the chocolates I used to get lots of when I was a leader. It is just lovely to have something different and handmade.


You're amazing!! The bag is gorgeous! I don't think I could have left that bag behind! I hope you have a wonderful time with family once your last class is over. Get some rest before January starts back up!


Cute tote! I love the deep size and shape of it, reminding me of a bucket or gift bag. I haven't started shopping or making anything for Christmas yet. No time until finals are over next week, which I'm really looking forward to.

Linda in Calif.

I love all the blue fabrics you picked for the bag. And the quilting is wonderful. You do such nice work. Have fun on vacation - there's nothing like family.


What a sweet cute bag. LOVE the ruffle. Yes, sometimes I DO just sew to get it done. And I have tons of sewing to complete before next week. Getting a bit nervous about that...

Valerie the Pumpkin Patch Quilter

Your tote looks wonderful!! ;) It's really fun to see how people have made this pattern their own - you quilted it up just lovely- I like the heaviness as it gives the bag some body. Your fabric choices are definitely drool worth!

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