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November 05, 2012


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Stephanie, I love how your Urban Nine Patch quilt top turned out!!! It looks great set on point. The backing is wonderful with the colorful pieced strip down the middle. Your daughter does look like Hermione!


You quilt is beautiful. Wish I could piece like that. I'm looking forward to seeing how it is quilted. Love Little Pea's costume. I'm not that familiar with the HP characters and assumed Hermione had red hair as two little girls came to my door dressed as Hermione (I had to ask) and they had red hair! Little Pea is so cute!


Your quilt top looks great! At least you're finishing something. Sweet Pea looks so gorgeous!


Beautiful quilt! And Sweet Pea is a gorgeous Hermione!


Love your Urban Nine Patch! I'm going to try to do her quilt along. One block every two weeks doesn't sound that bad, but it's been two weeks and I haven't done the first one yet. LOL! I'm not sure I can work another thing into my schedule right now.

Sweet Pea looks so cute in her costume! I didn't even get a picture of my kid! Other parents at our party took pictures so hopefully someone got a picture of him.


Yes, Sweet Pea looks adorable...but I'm showing my ignorance...no clue who this Hermione is...a cartoon character maybe.

Love your quilt! I haven't had time for much sewing at all! And will be all day at the polls tomorrow!


Sweet Pea is adorable and looks so grown up in her costume!
Love your Urban Nine Patch! It is going to be gorgeous.


Look how cute SweetPea looks -- what a fun costume! Love your quilt top -- can't wait to see it quilted!


Love the urban nine patch! I loved the blocks when you were working on them in the Friday sew-in. Glad to see it assembled!


Such a fun quilt project! I love how those curves really guide your eye through the blocks.

Love Sweet Pea's costume, especially that wig! Awesome fun!


The quilt top turned out fabulous! I think the waffly look is due to the linen, Im sure it will lay flat after quilting.


She does look like Hermione! At least, that's how I imagine her because I have never seen any of the movies :)
And wow, your quilt top looks amazing! I wanted to try one the patterns for a long time and I even have the ruler but I have been too scared to try it :)


Your quilt is just gorgeous...and Wow...Sweet Pea looks amazing...kudos on such a great costume!


OH that quilt is gorgeous...and you're getting the designer to quilt it for you? *swoon* Love how you did the back too. Sweet Pea looks adorable, as always!!!

Lisa Ruble

Love, love, love this quilt! Neat pattern, great colors! Can't wait to see it quilted! And Sweet Pea is a perfect Hermione!


What a great quilt and great fabrics. Sweet Pea is such a cutie!


Jenny herself is going to quilt that fabulous quilt! (in total awe....) I sure hope I downloaded that pattern while it was free. Eek.

Hermione Granger is so super cute. Her eyes--wow!

P.s. I told you I was going to totally copy your Jenny Pedigo quilt, right? :)

Amanda Jean


Your quilt top looks AMAZING!!! Wow!!! I'm super impressed.

And your daughter makes a gorgeous Hermonie Granger. The redhead wig actually works well! I agree with Cindy. My goodness, those eyes!

Hope you have a fabulous thanksgiving!



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