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October 22, 2012


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Well, I must say it does look great! I love the look of it after being washed. It was a joy to quilt it for you. Your piecing, and especially your embroidery, are perfect!


Oh, and I wanted to say how hysterically funny your animals are in the photo shoot! I'm one of the ones who can't keep my animals OUT of the photos. It's never a problem including them. And our blue heeler gets that same look when she's herding our cats -- too funny!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

That is one awesome finish Stephanie! I love all the fabrics you used with your beautiful embroidery. And yes, Shelly did a wonderful job on the quilting. This quilt will be treasured for years to come!


I had wondered what one could do for quilting around embroidery. I would have been terrified to quilt around it, for fear of ruining all the hard work. It looks great though!


It turned out wonderfully! And yes, you NEEDED the cat in the photo...perfect!


Love it, and I agree, Shelly did a fabulous job with the quilting. I have a Halloween quilt that hangs year round, at least in our current home it does. Nthing wrong with out-of-season quilts on display! ;-)

Belle is a good supervisor-- I think she owuld have looked good in the wagon wheel/pumpkin ohoto, too!

I adore this quilt, might have to buy the pattern.


Your quilt is stunning! You did a fantastic job with the embroidery. It looks so good on your wall. I like the idea of changing with the seasons. Belle reminds me of my dog Queenie when I was growing up. Is she a Border Collie?


I studied the quilting closely. Great job Shelly! I may use some of the same patterns when it comes to quilting up mine.

I'm still working on the embroidery for mine. I haven't been able to work on it much for a few weeks with Spooky "helping" me. Kittens and embroidery do not mix!! On Saturday I took it to guild to work on since Spooky would not be going too. I got so much done that it inspired me to shut my sewing room door so I could work on it at home. Spooky has not been happy, but I have. If I can get the embroidery done by Halloween I'll be happy.


Absolutely beautiful!!! Both your work and Shelly's. Great combination!


I love it! I love all things Halloween. And don't worry about that Christmas quilt hanging up all year. My Spode Christmas china was in the china cabinet for the full year of 2011!


I love it! It is adorable and so cheerful for the season. Your right the stippling is wonderful. Your furbabies are too cute!
Have a good week.

Patti J

I love it, Stephanie! Love where it's home is too. Don't animals just crack you up. Great finish.


That looks so wonderful. I do love the microstippling too! Your embroidery is phenomenal. What a super quilt.


Beautiful job!


Love that quilt thrown over the wagon wheel! And...great spot to hang it in your home..yes I can see many more seasonal quilts hanging there!

Maggie Szafranski

Love the embroidery and the microstippling!


Great finish! I love how whimsical this looks, from the embroidery to the framing fabrics to the quilting. You and Shelley do such amazing work! How fun to have a special place in your house to hang handmade seasonal work. Hope you can fight off that bug!


OMG--I love it! Love it! Want it!


I love the finished quilt, border and all. It's perfect! And the quilting is beautiful. Hi to Spidey, and especially to beautiful Belly Belle. What a great dog!!

Linda in Calif.

You did an excellent job on this - it's just wonderful. And it looks so good in your stairway. Spidey does look pretty cute in the picture.


How on earth did I miss this post?? This quilt is absolutely STUNNING!! Your handwork seriously impresses me!! And please don't feel like you have to reply back to this. I know what it's like to be so busy, so you just keep on doing what you're doing! I LOVE IT!


OhMyGosh -- this is gorgeous Stephanie!!! I LOVE it. What a lot of work. Congratulations on a fantastic finish!

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