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October 25, 2012


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Maggie Szafranski

Lots of cool things to report! Love those socks, and love a surprise visit! And your mother is very beautiful!


Awesome randomness. I'm glad I read it early because I.got.called.to.jury.duty. Ugh. Where did you get your red clogs?

Flo@butterfly Quilting

I am wearing my favourite smartwool sock as I read...but would love your new red clogs!!


Love your new Smartwool socks, one of my most favorite things in the world. They are always on my birthday and christmas list. What a treat to get to spend time with your brother! Pretty fall colors in that rose.


Enjoyed all the random thoughts about what is going on in your life. Great way to keep in touch. Especially enjoyed the pictures. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Linda in Calif.

I've never heard of smartwool socks, but apparently I'm one of the few. Your mom's work is so awesome. So is your mom, very pretty. I can't get over that shawl. Is that knitting?


What brand are your red clogs? Love 'em, and they look like shoes I could actually wear!

Hope you gave your students the extension early enough to make a difference. It always irritated me when profs did that when I had already spent a late night getting it finished up... Hmmm, maybe I'm a glass half empty kind of girl?


Your mother is beautiful wearing the lovely shawl! She did a wonderful job. Love that you got to meet up with your brother twice and Sweet Pea looks like a pro playing basketball. The pattern is so cute! And I love your shoes and socks.
Love the random posts!


ALWAYS love your random posts!! And loved the surprise visit! I love when things like that happen! Your roses are great! My roses are still looking pretty good, too...until the hurricane hits in the next few days! Beautiful mom and beautiful shawl, too!

Lisa Ruble

I am a huge smartwool fan too! That's all I ask for when it's my birthday. :)

Pomegranate Quilts

What a great mess o' life you just reported! Family, hand-work, yummy socks and Sweet Pea's amazing energy... what a treat!
And now I have to know what red clogs you have. Because I might need a pair myself.


Look at that final hand flip by Sweet Pea!

Love those clogs!


Oh, the clogs, yes, me too! Seems like you have struck a chord here:-)

It sounds as if you have had a lovely time recently - what a nice post!


Very cool new shoes Ms. Really Random! Your mom's shawl is beautiful. And you look like your brother. Or he looks like you? I can definitely see the family resemblance!

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