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October 08, 2012


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Heidi Knipple

I really like Bella! Love the grocery bags - will have to get the pattern. Stitch in Color would be a fun collection to work with - maybe a table runner or small quilt?


Love those bags. That fabric is to die for! You amaze me! How do you get so much done!


How fabulous that Tammy is sponsoring you! I met her at Market, too, and during our discussion, we discovered that I used to work with her husband! She's wonderful, and so is her shop. I NEED KONA solids, I don't care what color, and since Tammy has all of them, I know where to get them when I'm ready.


wow, wow, wow!!! Good for you and congrats!!

Teresa Whisson

Congratulations Stephanie! I am relatively new to your blog ~ this is exciting! I enjoyed visiting the Marmalade site ~ LOVE all the Kona solids ~ but I think you should make something out of the Jack and Jill fabrics!


Tammy has some great fabrics! I love 'Mod Century' Bricks and 'Chicopee'


Perfect timing with your post...I'm off today (Fall Break) and playing catch up ;-) Bless your heart, this is going to be a long one.
1. LOVE Marmalade's site...first time visitor. I like how she has pictures of the designers. You know, putting a face to a name. So I picked a name I was unfamiliar with, Lotta Jansdotter, (because her picture was so stinking cute!) only to realize I HAVE heard of the Bella collection and love it.
2. LOVE your grocery bag, although for me, I have visions of having one to take my crap home from work...UGH! Guess I'm going to have to put my big girl panties on and try to make one.
3. Finally, I totally get being a data nerd, and could probably match you in that department (my favorite word to use is "extrapolate")!!! ;-) ;-)


Congratulations on your new sponsor! I visited Marmalade, but couldn't make up my mind...so many lovely fabrics to choose from!


I just visited The Quilted Fish and loved it!


The thing about people like you (i.e., trustworthy, honest, sincere, etc) having sponsors is that I know it's a sure bet to order from those sponsors. You did the work for us newbies, so we can avoid the disappointments as we're starting out. I am still so nervous about ordering fabric over the internet...I can't figure out what the online equivalent is of standing in front of it for several minutes and touching it, holding the fabric I'm trying to match next to i, cocking my head sideways (as if that makes a difference), and breathing a deep sign while saying "I just love this."


Oh wow! I had to stop surfing her site because I have to get back working! Some of my favorite lines she shows: Bella, Summersville, Peak Hour, a stich in color, lark,outfoxed...I didn't get through them all.

You do great work!

Side note - I thought of you in class the other night. Prof told everyone in class that they need a hobby that accomplish in a short time (gardening, sewing, etc) because the projects we will work on take years to complete. You are a great example of this!


I love that Mod Century line she has! I've not seen that any where else. Oh dear, I may have to order the half yard bundle of it. I'm in online office hours right now and no students have shown up yet. This could be dangerous because I have to be online for another hour and a half, but with no students to assist I'm shopping instead!

Sue Larson

I love the Kona solids and someday will make a project with them.

Stephanie in MI

Sis LH is having trouble commenting, so I am entering this comment that she sent me via email:

I can see you with Sanctuary Cool Dahlia in Seafoam / New Traditions Aqua / Wagon Wheel Steel / Sushi Steel / Peak Hour Stripe - all for your new patio little table/chair in the turquoise tones. What should you make? I don't know.
Also, view her Flea Market Red White Black. Boy, is that your kitchen or what?

Mama Pea

She has some fun stuff!


What neat and bright fabric. It is overcast in northern MI today and Marmalade fabric made my day. Thanks so much for the uplift and a new place to look and shop. Nancy


Simply Color by V. and Co. is coming soon....looking forward to it! Tammi has become a friend, met through the KCMQG. I can't believe you and I didn't meet as I spent some time with her at Quilt Market in KC!


Congratulations on your new sponsor! What a super site Marmalade Fabrics is. So many pretty things and great prices as well. It's hard to pick only one fabric so Bella, Simply Color and Mod Century are among my favorites. I'd love to see you use one of these lines to make something. The bags you made are awesome! So stylish and I love the wide handles.

Thank you for a great giveaway and a chance to win.


Maggie Szafranski

WOW! There are some awesome fabrics there! I ended up ordering a pair of earrings, go figure!


She has great stuff! And what a cute site. Am I a nerd for still loving Flea Market Fancy? I do. I love it.


How Fun Mama Pea! Congratulations on your new sponsor. Your fabric bags are beautiful too -- you guys will by stylin' at the grocery store!


Love your new bags! The fabrics you used for them are wonderful. Congrats on the new sponsor.
I hopped over to Marmalade and I love Bella. She has so many gorgeous fabrics!


Congratulations on your first sponsor, I'm sure there will be more to come! The Marmalade fabric you used for the grocery bag looks great in that application - nice job - as always!

Cindy Smith

what a nice giveaway!! I love the Amy Butler fabrics and Denise Schmidt FMF..LOVE it!! But I also saw so many others I liked just as well, so.... What I would love to see you create is something quick and easy. I'm all about things that can be put together quickly for a spur of the moment gift. (seems like I'm always needing those!) And I LOVE the grocery bag. I have that pattern too and those are the BEST grocery bags ever created!!


Very beautiful shop. I love the Summerville fabrics :)

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