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September 24, 2012


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I'm so glad you got to refuel over the weekend! I was able to get a good start on the embroidery for my Which Witch's Boot over the weekend. Now I'm having trouble putting it down!

What a great quilt that is going to be when you are finished. I like the starch applique method too. I used it for my Modern Monday block I posted today. I thought about taking pictures of the process for a tutorial, but didn't. Looks like the block this week is also applique so maybe I'll take pictures this time.

I vote you go ahead and start on the "advanced" piecing quilt. If you aren't an advanced quilter now, you will be by the time you get that one done! If you are like me, if it's too perfect you won't want to use it on your bed anyway. Go for it!!


You? Not an advanced quilter?! *snort*


I laughed when I read Terri's comment...not an advanced quilter??? I've seen your work...truly amazing!!! So glad you had the opportunity for good friends and quilty fun ;-)

Linda in Calif.

I agree you should start the quilt. I think of "advance" as "careful" - just be careful to sew that 1/4 seam or scant 1/4 and careful with your ironing. You can do it, and it will be great. I love the points on your applique. See what nice work you do? I finally had an opportunity to look through one of Edyta's book. I so love her patterns.


I agree with Michelle! You are a fantastic quilter. Love this post. Great pictures and we did have such fun. I can't thank you enough for coming up to GR and making my day! I needed some good R&R and you did that for me! Took my mind off all my worries. Thank you dear friend!


That looks like such a fun day. And I think the Lizzie B girls have a similar method. Check out their site.


I'm so jealous, girl! One day I'll get to come sew with you guys. Love that quilt....hon, I think you should jump right into making that quilt, you're a superb quilter and you'll do just fine. Accept the challenge girl!


Really loved reading about your fun class!! Love the Tea Leaves project you're starting and esp that's it's Christmas-y. And the last photo of the Eldon quilt is simply amazing! Sounds like your day was just great! Wish I could have been there!


You are so funny. Of course you are advanced -- you design stuff, for Heaven's sake! I'm so glad you got a fun sewing day and got to do something just for you. I'm ready for that . . . no time right now.


You are an advanced quilter! I love to be around other quilters for inspiration. I adore batiks too. Eldon is gorgeous!!


Your new applique project is going to be so great!


Love your description of such a good day! Sounds like such a fun atmosphere--learning laughing--great combination.

Eldon will be a beautiful addition to your bedroom!


I love reading about your day and this quilt! I have the book but the template is supposed to be on page 143 and it is not! Did Buffie say where to get the template? Thanks


Are you thinking of something like this? http://snippetsofaquilter.blogspot.com/2007/08/applique-method.html Or this? http://www.lizziebcre8ive.com/applique.asp

Anyway, I agree. I hate those labels. They intimidate me. At least when they say Challenging or Advanced. I say, do it anyway! You can do it! You're Mama Pea! :)


Wow! Sounds like a great class! I can't wait to see your version. I need to go take a color class -- I have the worst time with it and that's what causes my analysis paralysis!


What a fun class and great quilt. I REALLY like the Eldon quilt (Edyta does the best patterns) and just pretend like you didn't read the "advanced" quilter part. Sometimes I find them easier to do than the "beginner" quilts. Besides - you are definitely an advanced quilter!

Sandy (aka Stitches)

It looks like you got a lot of "girl" time in with that outing. Thanks for all the pictures, very inspiring..

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