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September 13, 2012


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I love your scarves and your cat:-) Nice to read a snippet of life from around the world!


Ok, that video was awesome -- very fun -- thanks for the pick-me-up today. Love your scarves too!


That video is awesome. I want to get that song too. I'm sending the link to my friends. It made me feel so good. You will probably think I'm crazy, but it made me cry too. Watching this video from around the world made me wonder why we can't all just get along like that and dance together. thanks for sharing.


Love the pics of Spidey. He is a handsome feline!

The scarves are both beautiful! Off to see the video...


I LOVED that video. Already sent the link to my DIL and I'll probably watch it again later. And I'm going to get the song too. The scarves are lovely!


Wow, what an amazing video! So many moving moments in there. Thank you for sharing that with us.

How fun to see the kitty growing so big these past few months. Love his coloring.

Linda in Calif.

I really enjoyed the video. I'll have to go back and purchase it. I wouldn't have noticed that your hair needed to be cut (I like the length) or needed coloring if you hadn't said anything. I love people post pictures of themselves - then I feel like I know them better. How about a picture tomorrow of you with your shorter hair? I love the scarves, although I don't know how to knit. Maybe someday.


I adore that video, and I wish Matt was my friend. My favorite is the Lebanese guys doing the West Side Story dance.

And I am SO forwarding that scarf pattern to my momma (she knits, I don't--but I do wear scarves!!)


Cute kitty - it's amazing how fast they grow. The video made me smile this morning - I love stuff like that. I like the knitted scarf. I actually made a little neck scarf this week - it's my first knitting project - I see a couple of mistakes but not too bad. I'm enjoying the knitting process, it's nice to do while watching TV (I have a hard time just sitting and watching - I have to be "doing something").


Love the video! Love the Moscow and St. Petersburg shots- I have been to both the Kremlin and the Winter Palace so it was neat to see.

Love the scarf. I need to figure out how to quit work and just have hobbies...too bad they don't pay as well as my job :)


Cool video!!! Spidey is a beautiful cat!!!!!! Wow! Love that name!! You look awesome...as always! Love the scarf. I thought the tshirt scarf combo looked nice!!


Great scarves. I love the colors in them both. Hope school settles down for you soon.


Spidey looks so sweet! Spooky says he looks handsome! Love your scarf. I'm looking forward to the weather cooling off enough that I can wear some of the scarves I made.


love the video,love the scarf, love the cat, and most, love the smile=)

Maggie Szafranski

Love the video! We need a reminder that we are all people on this planet, regardless of where we live or believe!


Look how big Spidey is, he's gorgeous! And I love your hair. You look adorable. That scarf is AWESOME.


Spidey is sooo beautiful! What a treat to have him.

Those scarves are cool! I decided recently to start wearing scarves because they look so great on everyone else. Hey, maybe I'll wear one to work tomorrow! :)


LOve the ruffles scarf!! Esp love the color. Hello to Sweet Pea in the water! My friend just made me a scarf that I've been meaning to post...really unusual yarn.


I just got around to posting a comment; retirement is so busy!! Anyway, the kitty is sooo big, and so pretty. Love both of your scarves - but, as always, I like mine best! ;-) Just kidding, of course. But I really like it with the white shirt - and it looks great with the bracelet! I wore my pink one the other day with a white shirt and got all kinds of compliments; people wanted to know where I had gotten it.
Loved the picture of Sweet Pea. I too can't wait for Christmas. That's a great picture!

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