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September 07, 2012


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Happy anniversary! Our kids think that it is really strange that we were married for about 5 years before Timothy was born. I guess it is supposed to be immediate in their minds!


Happy Anniversary!!


Oh sweetie thank you for blogging my new business!! And I do think it would be fine for a lake home - if we make it up to Harrisville this year to my cousin's home on Lake Huron, I'm taking mine to her for her home. She loves anything lake or sea related.

Your towel turned out great! I usually use two layers, especially on dense designs, and criss-cross them. The tear-away has a slight weave and that seems to make it more stable. So very glad you're using the towel, my mom keeps everything I've given her in a drawer, lol!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY - enjoy your motorcycle ride, that'll be fun!


Cute towel! I'm a big fan of embroidered kitchen towels but, like you, I hate to use them. My Grandmother gave me a set of "Days of the Week" kitchen towels many years ago that she hand embroidered and they are sitting in a drawer - I'm thinking of doing a quilt with them because I don't want to ruin them in the kitchen :-). Happy Anniversary - be careful out there on those motorcycles (sorry, that's the Mom coming out in me).

Linda in Calif.

Happy Anniversary! A motorcycle ride? That's my kind of celebrating! The towel is really cute. I'm the same way; can't use them when they are so cute.


Happy Anniversary! Maybe Sweet Pea can talk to my daughter because we too celebrated 12 years this year.

Cute towel! I do the same as you and not use certain things but then I try to display it.

I like the lighthouse. The 5 great lakes all have big lighthouses so it would be very nice for a lake house.

Enjoy your motorcycle trip! Sweet Pea going with? or are you able to go alone? :)


Happy Anniversary! Ours was last week and it was our 35th.
I love the embroidery design and think it would be perfect for your brother.
Your towel is perfect and I would never have noticed the "boo boo". Cute design with the apples.
Enjoy the day tomorrow.


Happy Anniversary and enjoy your trip!

Maggie Szafranski

Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a great day! Love the towel. And glad you are learning and doing more with the embroidery machine! It is fun, and addictive!


Happy Anniversary! Love the towel, I would totally get it dirty by accident in 2 hours, have a great day tomorrow!!


Well Happy Anniversary!! And the towel is SO cute!!!

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