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September 21, 2012


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Maggie Szafranski

OOO, this is tempting, but I don't need another obsession!




Oh, my, this block is beautiful! I love all the different stitches. You do beautiful work. I've been looking for something like this to take to Knotty Girls. I love learning the stitches but didn't want to work on wool like they do. Now I can do this project. Thanks for the link! Looking forward to seeing you Saturday!


Gorgeous block and your stitching is perfec! I need to download the patterns to stitch later.
Have fun Saturday.


It looks fabulous -- love your colors! Can't wait to see your block 2. If I don't get busy, you're gonna pass me up!


Great job! I just love seeing beautiful hand embroidery.


You do beautiful work!

And the stray tan thread- it was like "where is waldo" in the small pictures I couldn't even see it, I had to look when you mentioned it!

Hope you recovered from your long day :)


Beautiful! I'm loving everything about this quilt block--the raised look you achieved with the satin stitch, the dense French knots, and on and on. Everything!

Must check out Cosmo thread. I hate twisting and knotting.


Wow! This embroidery is so beautiful. I love the colors and textures created by different stitches. I've been wanting to get back into embroidery but haven't found the time or the right project. This one is so precious!


It's gorgeous Stephanie! I had to pin your closeup of the flower -- I love the pretty details!


I'm convinced that you can do anything! Very, very nice handwork!


your embroidery is just beautiful - i've just got back into it, having been 'forced' to do handstitching in my textiles course - i can't believe how much i love it

Linda in Calif.

Beautiful! Such nice work - and a great pattern. I personally love the tracing - sort of reminds me of coloring.


Gorgeous! I'm so impressed!


WOW. This is sooo beautiful!!! I bookmarked your entry here so that I can look at it easily again and again. ha. Maybe one day I can just do one block and frame it. You do fantastic work!!


Hey, MamaPea, I'm loving your thread colors, can I be a nuisance and ask what the numbers for the threads you used? I'm looking forward to starting this block! Thanks.

Stephanie in MI

Hi Dispack,

No problem at all. I posted my thread colors here:


I meant to provide that link in this post. Sorry!

Mama Pea


Your version is absolutely beautiful, gorgeous colours and lovely stitching.


Don't know how I missed the fact that Shelly is having a quilt a long. Definitely need to check that out, especially since I pulled out another embroidery project (because my crocheting isn't going so well). I have resorted to using my DMC as well because my Cosmo threads have disappeared. Anyway, love your stitching and thanks for sharing!

kathy olkowski

Beautiful work! Wish I could do the same...

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