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August 02, 2012


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I LOVE random posts!!!!! :-)


What a great idea. i loved reading this post and seeing the pictures and video. I'm on my way to Pier 1 as that rug looks perfect in size and color for my entry. Thanks for sharing.


That's a great idea. I love randomness and sometimes I'll put something out there on my quilt blog about random things too. It's nice to have a link up to others who do random posts as I really didn't want to start another blog about random things! So random is good :)


I LOVE random posts, too. It fits the bill when there are several little ditties that would be good to blog about. I love the photo of the post office; I often look for out-of-the-way little country post office pictures--so charming. And that notepad fits my life perfectly! I really do try to be simple, but my family calls me the drama queen!


That is a cool post office! And I love your lawn furniture - such cool round shapes. Luckily, drama has never followed me around, and I try really hard to keep it that way.

Linda in Calif.

After reading your random post (which I loved) I'm going have to join in the fun too. Those round chairs and table were totally worth the extra you paid for them. (Totally!!)


Great random post Stephanie! Love the island post office...very cool place! You were right to splurge on the turquoise lawn chairs and probably right to not splurge on the $2,500 rug ;-)


blueberry zucchini bread = yum!


Fantastic! I heart random. You learn so much about a person from pure randomness. :) Thanks for sharing all that turquoise fun!


This is an awesome really random post, Stephanie!! That little post office is adorable. And your turquoise table and chairs--very cool. Thanks so much for linking up!!


I very much enjoyed this post. Does drama follow me around? Well, I seem to lose her but about every 10 years she finds me again. :0


How fun! This was an awesome post Stephanie. And those Turtles! I got hubby to watch and we couldn't stop watching either -- thanks for the great link!

Maggie Szafranski

Love the random posts! That is the way my brain thinks, going from one non sequitur to the next!


Love the random posts! Let me tell you ... Drama follows me everywhere I go! I could so write a book and you probably wouldn't believe half of it ;) about life and drama!!
Now I am off to see the turtles, look at the post office again and forgot what I read!


It's nice to see random - that's the way life is :)

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