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August 30, 2012


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That last picture is awesome! We have a "dog" salon in Des Moines that has the most creative business name ever: Snipp Doggy Dogg. Ten years since I first saw the sign and it still makes me smile.

Sorry to hear some of the crap at work is still lingering. Ugh. Our classes started Monday and I have been swamped this week. (finding a little time to check blogs while on my lunch!)

What movie ya gonna see?


Salon names usually crack me up. I've seen some good ones! Of course, in the failing memory of my old age, I can't think of any of them to tell you right now. Hope things get better soon. See a funny movie . . . those always help me.


I recently started a "gratitude journal' just to help with times like you are feeling. Hopefully, next week will be better. Growing up we had a hair salon called 'The Orchid Room'. Their slogan was "We curl up and dye for you!" It still cracks me up all these years later!!


I'm right in the funk with you! The Java plug-in I need installed on campus computers didn't happen for the second year in a row. So none of my students can access the class on a public campus computer. Thankfully most of them have personal computers but they have to carry them around if they want to work on my class in between their other classes without going home. *SIGH*

My hair salon is called "A Cut Above." I think it's a pretty cute name, but not as good as the Texas Corners one.


Sorry about your funk. It happens to all of us at one time or another. You are a positive up-beat person and I can't see you staying in that funk for long. See you're already climbing out by showing us what makes you and us laugh! I love that "Hair house". Made me laugh too. Are you sure the funk didn't have something to do with sleeping outside for a whole WEEK! LOL


Aww hon....I'm sorry you're going through this. I hope it gets better for you soon! Love that wine. And the camping, how fun! Although you'd be hard pressed to get me into a tent anymore. When I was a kid, I had a pup tent set up all summer, but I slept inside - can't see spiders at night.

That salon's name is hysterical!

Cathy erickson

I hope it gets better!


You crack me up with these random posts :) The names of hair salons are so funny. I wish I could think of some I have seen here in the South.
Glad you had the luxury of having a hot shower and toilet!
Hope everything is better tomorrow.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Sleeping in a tent for a week would put me in a bad mood! You are a good mama.


If it weren't so late I would pick up the phone and call you. Really. And not a phone person. I'm sorry for all the crappy stuff your friend finds THE best wine bottles. Who cares what it tastes like? I don't have a salon name but twice this week I have seen a van driven by someone who will walk, feed your dog, etc. it's called pooch poop-erie. It took me a sec before I figured out the play on potpourri !


Sorry for the work drama! Boo! I felt so bad for you last night when I read your post that my husband saw that sad look on my face and asked what was wrong. ha.

Love the Hair shop name! Sorry I don't have any great ones to add to that. My place is called the Hair Company. So creative, right??

And you should get extra Mom Gold Stars for camping for a WEEK with Sweet Pea! You should tell the difficult people at work that: "I have been sleeping in a tent for a week--give me a break!!" :)


Loving the random posts. Haters and bullies...all the same crap!!! Don't let that get you down. If they are hatin, must be you are doing something good...that they are jealous of. :-)!!!!! LOL!!! You have probably already viewed this Youtube, but if not it's worth all 16 seconds. Good for a smile!!! It's my mindless entertainment! LOL!!!


Aunt Pea

Bad mood or not, you've got the right attitude, gettin' in the way of haters and focusing on contributing to positive things in the world. Amen Sister! I love you :-)


Sorry to hear work has been so rough lately! I know that feeling all too well, even on a permanent basis. I am thankful I was able to quit my job and start a new career. Hope it gets better!

I used to love sleeping in our tent in our backyard. I loved sleeping outside but having the bathroom amenities nearby. Then again, I think we were experiencing at using trees for the bathroom since we were outside and on the trails so much. So fun to be a kid!


I had a stylist years ago who opened her own shop: Young, hip, fun. She called the salon "Whacked." Most excellent name for hair shop EVER.

I find it unsettling that your job usually consists of streaks of consistent highs punctuated occasionally by rare moments of a "bad mood." My work life is the exact opposite.

Maggie Szafranski

Big lousy blue funks are no bueno. Especially when you don't have any control over the external forces that are the epicenter of said funk. Wine, camping, little girl hugs...that's the cure, along with some fabric fondling!!!

Karen K

Sorry to hear about the negative stuff. Here's a good salon name for a laugh--it's not a real salon, but from the movie "Blues Brothers" : Carrie Fisher's character has a salon called "Curl Up and Dye" ! :)


Hope things are looking up by now. Love the wine bottle!

Nancy Lyons

I own that hair salon, and I'm so glad it made you smile!! My partner and I were looking for something people would talk about/not forget:) Thanks for mentioning us!! You should stop in sometime!! :)

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