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August 28, 2012


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It doesn't get any better than that. Having a really fun day while contributing to such a great cause.


Wow...what a great event and a wonderful opportunity to help a terrific organization! Hearing about good things like this is a great way to start the day!


What a great day!

Linda in Calif.

Thanks for telling us about Margaret's Hope Chest. I had not heard of it before. It looks like you guys are having too much fun. Although, it also looks like a lot was accomplished. Lots of color going on it that room.


What great charity quilts! And looks like lots of fun too! I am familiar with Margaret's Hope Chest but have not yet had a chance to participate in it. They are on my list though.


Thank you so much for posting all about your day! Since I wasn't there for long I am enjoying looking at all your photos of Quilt Finishes. I really like yours with the diagonals--great color idea!

It was so great to meet you, too! If we can get a Guild going I'd love to join it with you. I think we'd have a lot of fun sewing and talking about ideas together. :)


Very cool post! Yes, I follow the Margaret's Hope Chest blog and knew of this great organization. What a fun day you must have had and very inspiring.

I have also head of CraftSanity and it is quite neat.

What a grand day you had!


Great post! SO many details I neglected to add, LOL!
What great fun it was! It was great meeting you and all the wonderful, friendly quilters!
Now I'm going to take all those links, you so kindly provided, and see who else I met on Saturday!!


Great pictures. Looks like lots of fun and for a worthy cause. I donated a quilt to them last year when they wanted school kids to have a quilt. I wish I'd been there to meet all those celebs. I love Jennifer and look forward to her article each week. Thanks for sharing.


Wonderful story and great pics... love that smile=)


A great cause and so many generous people willing to contribute! I love that so many of the quilts are as cheerful as a rainbow.

The deconstructed reconstructed antique quilt is wonderful--saving a quilt and holding onto the memories!

kathy olkowski

Beautiful pictures and great post! Just wish I could have been there - all smiles!!!

Mama Spark

It was a fun day and although I didn't get a quilt done everyone else got theirs done using all the blocks I sewed up! It was great to meet you and to connect with so many wonderful women!! AJ is great and it was so good to see her again too. Great post Stephanie!! ~Pam

Amy L

Nice post Stephanie. It was nice to meet you and I enjoy meeting someone in person after seeing them in blogland. You quilt design with the colors was clever. Thanks also for adding the links to the other quilters.
You did give me the wrong name, I am Carin's sister, while Lori was sitting next to me.

Carol E

I'm bummed that we sat too far apart to get very well acquainted. It was a fun day, though. I'm making the rounds of blogs about that day. (I have one, too.) Love the Laughing Carin photos you got.

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