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August 03, 2012


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Deirdre Rozowski

What an awesome idea - I can't wait to try it!


Happy Happy Birthday Mama Pea!!!! I hope you've had a wonderful day. Your placemats are adorable!


You are most welcome!! Love you back! Happy, happy Birthday!! Love the car and the addition - you go girl!!


Happy Birthday! Tomorrow is my husband's birthday.

I'm doing a happy dance for you about your new studio!!! Will it be big enough for a long arm? Even if it isn't, a new space all to yourself is a pretty nice thing.

I think it's a good idea to say whether or not you purchased the pattern yourself or not for the reasons you gave. I know that if I was given something I'd be more likely to give it a good review than if I bought it myself. I assume everyone is like me (even though I know they aren't) so I like to know if they got the item for free or purchased it.


Happy Birthday. I knew there was a reason I like you so much...I'm a Leo too. Sat. is my day. Love those placemats. What a clever idea. I want to try that! And you get a new sewing room Too! You are one spoiled lady...but of course It couldn't happen to a nicer woman. You deserve it. Can't wait to see it.

Linda in Calif.

Happy Birthday to YOU! Wow, a new studio. That will be so nice for you (& Sweet Pea cause we all know she will be out there too). Those are the cutest placemats. Please throw my name in the hat for a pattern.


Happy birthday!
Wow, you have a really great husband, congrats on the soon to be new sewing room!
(Oh, and please don't include me in the giveaway, I would never find the time to put it to use...)


Please include me in the giveaway! I also own a RAV and love it. I bet you will love the Highlander! Happy Birthday!


Well happy birthday to you!! My oh my, you got and are getting some really sweet things! Whoa is me!! Love your new car and I LOVE that you get all that sewing space. It'll be kinda like a WOman cave! haha I don't know that I'd come out of mine, but it's probably a good idea that you do just to be nice ;P :D

I love those placemats! Those are just the cutest. I'm gonna have to make me some. LOVE!


Happy birthday to you! What a great day to celebrate. Such a great idea to do a week of giveaways during your birthday week. (hope I can remember to do that)

Would be so awesome to have a shed like that. It looks fab!

Love those lunch mats too. Thanks for sharing your review and tips.


Stephanie!! Happy, happy Birthday!!! What a haul you're getting...a beautiful new car and even more wonderful than that (in my opinion!) is the new sewing area!!! Wow!!! And I thought I was really spoiled with getting a new higher potty for my birthday!! LOL! That was super nice of the salesman to give you flowers, too. Sounds like a great b'day all around. The placemats are pretty...I'd love to be included in your giveaway.


Happy birthday, Stephanie!!! Congrats on the new car!!!!! We buy all our cars at Sunshine. Placemats are super cool!


Happy Birthday to you! I should say that you were mighty spoiled this year...my goodness, a new car and an addition? I just convinced Mark to agree to a new fabric storage shelf and thought I was doing well :) I love the silverware pocket on the placemats--very cute!


Nice post Stephanie! I am so envious of your new sewing space. That is just going to be wonderful. Happy birthday to you! My husband just bought a new Toyota Highlander, and he just loves it. Great placemats; clever how there is a pocket for the silverware. Have a nice day!


1st - For a half a second, I thought the car was the give-away!
2nd - Happy 29th Bday!
3rd - Nice car!
4th - Nice placements!
5th - A new sewing room! Holy buttonhole! How cool is Papa Pea!?
5th - If there is anyone who doesn't need to do the full disclosure, it's you. Even if you don't like something, you find something to say it; you are so NICE about your feedback even if it's negative. Sigh. I could learn a thing or two from you.


Happy Birthday!!! Today is my daughter Jennifer's b'day too :) She did the same thing and bought herself a new SUV similar to yours and the same color. Love your new Toyota. I drive a Toyota myself and we were talking that it is the best car I have ever had.
Your new sewing room (house) is going to be wonderful and how sweet of your hubby. You will have to give us updates!
Love the placemats and they look wonderful on your patio table.
Happy Birthday!

Michelle H.

Happy birthday to you...what an awesome gift..your own awesome workspace. I dream of having something just like that, too.

The placemats are adorable, thanks for the chance.

Renee G

I love the pockets on these. Would love to try to make these.

Account Deleted

Happy birthday Stephanie! What a great lot of surprises. A new car, flowers and a new studio. I have to say that your husband's gift is so wonderful. It says that he knows what will really make you down in the gut happy. Not all men know their wives so well. Lucky you!

Maggie Szafranski

What an awesome birthday celebration! Love the new car! And a separate sewing studio...heaven!! Love those placemats, sign me up! And full disclosure is so common in all of our nursing workshops, that I didn't even think twice about this!

Kathy S.

Happy birthday! Adorable placemat. This would be a great Christmas gift for my mother-in-law! Thanks for the chance to win.


Happy birthday! Love how you did the placemats with Lucy's Crab Shack. That's one of my favoarites this summer. Happy quilting!


Happy Happy Birthday...I too have a wonderful husband. Last week, he came home with 2 pieces of furniture from an antique shop to hold my increasing stash of fabric. Love Lucy's crab shack and what you have created with it! Would love to win. Thank you!


Happy Birthday!
I love to try making one. Thanks!

barbara woods

would love to win thanks

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