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August 21, 2012


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That is just absolutely gorgeous! I love everything about it from the design to the fabrics and the quilting....everything! Just beautiful!


Oh my gosh! Let me just tell you how much trouble I have with photo shoots -- it's pathetic! (And I can't keep animals out of the pictures.) I think you did great with yours. I love the ones with the wagon wheel. Glad to finally see it all finished with its binding. You done good!

Linda in Calif.

This is one of my favorite quilts! The quilting is outstanding also. Capturing the quilt and the quilting is so hard, and like Shelly said, I too have problems with keeping the animals off. LOL Maybe finding a tree would be a good idea.


Gorgeous quilt! You did a wonderful job with the fabrics and the quilting is fabulous. Love it in all the pics! You did a great job with photography. I need this pattern!


Stephanie that quilt is awesome. You did a fantastic job of piecing it. And the quilting is outstanding. Really enjoyed all the pictures. You should be thrilled with this one!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Just beautiful Stephanie! You did an awesome job on this and it was certainly enhanced by Shelly's quilting.
I understand your frustration with getting a good photo of a quilt...I can't say I've ever taken a photo of a quilt that I think really shows its real beauty. If you figure it out, let me know.


Your quilt turned out so beautifully! I don't think I've ever seen a quilt that Shelly has finished. She does stunning work! Those feathers are amazing. Love the shots you got of the quilt too, especially with that wagon wheel.


Oh my! The quilting in the border is stunning! I'm going to try quilting an all over feather design on my next quilt to be quilted it is basted already. I'm waiting for school to start next week before quilting it. :D)


Your shots are great. Is your middle name 'Perfectionist'?


It's so beautiful...and I just love the photos with the wagon wheel...perfect!


Stephanie this quilt is absolutely stunning - so gorgeous! I love all the photos, but that last one especially - well done!


Wow!! Awesome, awesome job!! You should be oh so proud of yourself!! Love, love Shelly's quilting too!!



I cannot even being to tell you how FREAKING AWESOME this quilt is.

I will see you on Saturday. Perhaps I will have composed myself enough to talk about your quilt then.

And your wheelie photos of it are great!


What a gorgeous quilt! Everything I thought of when I saw it has been said by other commenters, but it is all true!


This is just stunning. And what gorgeous quilting. Your photo shoot is fun. I think I need a workshop in quilt photography...


This is just lovely. I really like everything about it. The fabric, the pattern, the quilting, the backing. You (and Shelly) did a great job. I hope you'll get some pictures of it in the AQS booth! Great job on the pictures, much better then just hanging flat.


I LOVE this quilt!!! It is absolutely gorgeous! What a work of art. It is truly a masterpiece. This is one you should enter in a competition!

Your pictures are awesome as well. You have some shots that could be submitted to magazines. Great work.

Your friend Shelly did some phenomenal quilting on it as well. Can't believe she did those feathers by hand. I used to sweat over doing feathers, and I never was able to master them. Of course, I was trying to do them on my little old sewing maching - not on a long arm. Still and all - free hand! I am royally impressed.

Anyway, I look forward to meeting "Lincoln's Watch" in person some day. Beautiful job!

barbara woods

that's beautiful




Oh, wow,Stephanie! I like everything about your quilt...so beautiful!!


I don't know how I missed this! It's beautiful! I love the pattern as well as the quilting design too. Gorgeous!


This is beautiful!!! I am planning to start the Lincoln Watch quilt myself and searched on google to find some other LWQ to get some inspiration for the colours. :-))
Your colours are just wonderful.
hugs, Jolanda

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