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August 27, 2012


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Challenges are hard, but I think that's the point of them -- to make you stretch beyond what you'd "normally" do, make you think and try new things, or grow with your craft. They're scary, yeah, but if you've learned something and done what you wanted, you're already a winner, no matter what the judges say. Yours looks great!


This is a BEAUTIFUL block! I loved your inspiration photo but I think your block turned out even better. I love the colors you put together. I love the journaling, making this so much more personal than using any old text fabric. I love the machine stitching for the sun's rays, and the big perle cotton stitches for the corn fields. This evokes such a wonderful feeling, making me want to go to Iowa to find that feeling.

Entering a challenge would make me feel very self-consious too. My fall semester has started, which means teacher and class critiques of my work, which is a lot like entering a contest. Very nerve-wracking. But a great way to grow and learn how to make your work better... and most importantly in my mind, express yourself.


While I think challenges are a great idea and that they often make you think out of the box, I only plan to enter and never do.

On the other hand, I do benefit and often work on a project inspired by the challenge.

I love your block, the ombre fabrics are lovely and fit your inspiration so well. But my favorite part is the text--your journal entry is such a wonderful touch.


You are AMAZING!!! Love your block and how it turned out!! Job well done!! Hooray for you!!!!


Very sweet, Stephanie. I think something like this is good for those who have transplanted elsewhere in their lives. It gives perspective, I think. It's a good reminder of those things and places that have made up a good part of our lives and it is your heritage that can be passed along for future generations.


I love your block and what you've done. Thanks for showing the step-by-step. I'm not sure it needs anything added. When I look at it the only thing I think I might add (just try it to see) is a small embroidery flower in the crook of the hills. It would be like saying the sun is shinning on me. Anyway, I love challenges. It makes me stretch. Sometimes I'll try a new block I've never tried before just to get the experience. Good luck on the challenge.


Gorgeous and stunning are words that come to mind. I love the way you used the block to journal. I also think that the colors and fabrics are so beautiful. Thank you for accepting an uncomfortable challenge. I think you should be proud!


Why do you miss Iowa? Because it rocks, and your awesome new friend Doris lives there... Seriously, though I laughed when you said you missed the smell of pig farms! (Thankfully I don't have to experience that smell very often, but I doubt I'd ever miss if it I didn't!) I remember you talking about your inspiration for this at Grubers--LOVE seeing the almost finished product. And I think for the most part you are far too hard on yourself. The sun looks perfect, the vision of the rolling hills of corn rows comes across beautifully... Not sure it needs too much else.


WOW! I love it! I'd do simple echo quilting in the sky and call it good. Challenges are intimidating. Kudos to you for entering!


this is such a wonderful block, stephanie! you did so great! i love that you made your own text fabric. (it's making me smile especially since we had the conversation over the weekend of you putting yourself on a fabric ban...and it was neat to see how you worked around your lack of text fabric rather than going out and buying some!) The chunky hand stitching is fabulous! good for you for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone by entering a challenge. yay!!!


Beautiful block! Such gorgeous fabrics and your text fabric is awesome!!


Seriously... we both did a post on challenges today? Um... this wreaks of BFFness... just saying. K, I went to the challenge blog.. and looked, and my fave was #13... honest, sorry to be so blunt. But it just flows, and it has meaning and really it is a total eye catcher.
If it doesn't win a prize, I will honestly be dumbfounded.

Account Deleted

I think this is very cool! I love the use of the text. I don't think you have anything to be nervous about. You are very talented. So go put your talent out there!


Oh my gosh!! I absolutely LOVE your block! The idea behind it is beautiful and your design....just absolutely stunning!! And I do understand being nervous, but honestly, you have nothing to worry about! Good luck!!


Your block is very impressive -- and personal. You did a great job! And I love that you explained the whole process.


Your block is very touching and original ...using your journal text and original design . Your emotions about Iowa come through the fabrics. And you are so creative to make your own block pattern!


You are so, so talented!! I love your block and decided I don't think I should show you any more of my quilting because I am such a novice!

As for advice (don't think I should be giving it), I would go subtle and let the block do the talking with your rolling words. You are amazing!


Thanks for your sweet words! Your block is simply brilliant. I love how creative you were with the challenge and made something so special too!


Stephanie. You. Are. Brilliant. I love this so much I can't stand it! Now I want to do one about the beach I grew up on in summers. You are such an inspiration to me!!!!


I think this is an absolutely stunning block. Wow. THIS is why you are on a creative team and I am not! But I'm sure glad we are friends!


I missed this post previously! Your block is gorgeous and the story is wonderful. You are so creative! I hope you win ;)

Debbie B

I love your block, Stephanie! You are so creative and I love how you expressed yourself in the script. I miss Iowa, too, and thinking of those things I miss is one way to keep it close. You are creating a fabric journal. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

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