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July 15, 2012


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Dang, woman! Your creativity knows no bounds! Those are great...so cute!


Glad you heard rain! Love the lavender sachets! The fabric and the ribbon coordinate so well for packaging!

Maggie Szafranski

Cool Sachets! We have a small lavender farm that we pass when we go to church. I am just now catching up on blog reading! You have been so busy!


Those are so cute! They would be great for craft fairs.


Really cute! What great little happies!


VERY Cute!!!! I love the way you've stacked them in threes too, you clever girl!!!


Awesome idea! Great gift ideas for teachers! Enjoy your vacation and we heard rain and a little thunder on Saturday- it was great! I wanted to dance in it, AP did with her rain gear :)

Linda in Calif.

The boat ride on the lake sounds wonderful. I'm glad your Dad had a nice birthday and you all could be there with him. You did good finding those buttons and ribbons! They really make the sachets special. I really like the beach bag too. Those really come in handy.


I adore the lavender sachets you gave us at retreat! Such a great way to use these fun fabrics. That ribbon matches these fabrics perfectly. Makes me want to go ribbon shopping.


Those are adorable! I love the way you have stacked them and tied them with a ribbon. what a great gift idea! You are so clever and creative!


You are so thoughful! What a cute gift. Sounds like you're having a wonderful family time. Safe travels!


Those are just gorgeous, Stephanie! Love that fabric. I have some of that ribbon, lol! Happy Birthday to your dad, I love nighttime boat rides - and oh dear, I'm starting to forget what rain sounds like, yikes! It's 7am and 81 degrees already, another scorcher in store....

Mary on Lake Pulaski

And I can verify how cute these are and how nice they smell! Thanks again Stephanie. It was so nice of you to go through so much work for each of us!


Stephanie, are you amazing or what??!! I'm just catching up on blog reading, too, and didn't know you went to New Hampshire. I'm starting at the top and working my way down. I hope your trip was fun...it sure sounds like it. The nighttime boat rides and the rain on the roof sound delicious. Oooh, the sachets are just beautiful.

Look the header pic, too. I remember those shoes! fun!


So cute!

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