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July 30, 2012


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It was so nice to meet you and you owe me nothing!!!


Looks like you had a great time!

Amanda Jean and the thread catcher....my daughter's name is Amanda Jean:)


What an amazing trip!!!! Such awesome goodies too!!!! Wow. What a great post! :-)


Loved seeing all the pictures of your trip. You really captured some great ones of E. Great picture of you and Amy. I love how you get around and meet fellow bloggers. Loved this post.


Your time spent in NH looks fabulous! What a treat to get to spend so much time on and in the water. Beautiful sunset photos! Happy you like the happies! They are so fun, aren't they.


Enjoyed hearing about your NH trip - very nice photos esp of E leaning back on the boat and the sunset. I love meeting fellow bloggers; glad you were able to!

Linda in Calif.

There's nothing better than spending time with family having fun. I'm so glad you did.

Jamie Hathcock

Loved hearing about your visit to Lake Winnipesaukee! I live on the lake in Wolfeboro and I love it!! Where abouts were you visiting?? Great pictures and the I LOVE your sunset photos... It never gets old here!! Welcome and thank you for sharing your visit with everyone!


Looks like you had a great time. I am impressed that you got up on the wakeboard! My SIL wakeboards. The pics of the sunset are gorgeous. So glad you met a blogging friend.
The pics of all your quilting friends makes me want one of each!


Looks like you have been having a great time!


Beautiful pictures! And yes, more than a teensy bit envious you got to meet Amy! And all the happies we received were fabulous, weren't they? (I'll make up for it next year since I was the total slacker this year...). Yours is so cool--and the lavender smells fabulous in my sewing room!



Maggie Szafranski

What fun! There is nothing like relaxing by a lake with family! And quilting friends! Starting to ramp up for the AQS in Grand Rapids!


The pics you took of Sweet Pea need to be framed, girl, they're wonderful! So glad you're having a great summer, no place like the lake! Great goodies from your retreat!


Sounds like you're having an Awesome summer -- as it should be! I LOVE that last little sewing pouch -- the fabric and tag are perfect!


Love the picture of Sweetpea, blow it up and frame it or put it on canvas!

The happies are so neat! Thanks for sharing!

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