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April 24, 2012


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Ooh, I hope you have fun next weekend at the sewing event with your SIL!! How very fun that will be! She sounds very generous with all the sweet gifties. And the little quilt from Shelley is so special. Now...the subject of cats. Hmm...I'm not really a cat person but I love anything Jim Shore. And I have to admit that his cat looks really adorable on that mug rug by your beautiful plant. (So sorry this had to be a re-do...I can definitely identify!!)


I'm glad you like your little quilt! The Jim Shore cat is adorable -- my sister would love that.


What a great little quilt and cat figurine! And your violet looks really happy to have a friend.

Blogger switched me to their new interface this morning. Grrrr! Now I have to figure out where everything is again.


I wouldn't have noticed the tiny buttons on the ribbon, if you hadn't pointed them out! What a wonderful gift of the heart.

Of course, I love your little cat figurine for all kinds of reasons!


That little quilt is darling. Love all those beautiful sayings. What a nice friend you have there! That little cat your mom gave you is so cute. I love anything "cat". Your flower is beautiful too! I wish I could grow those. Have a great time next week. I'll be thinking of you!


What a sweet friend and I love the little quilt. Amber collected Jim Shore figurines and I do too .. especially the cat ones! Yours is adorable next to your gorgeous violet!


Love your post. I'm so glad the kitty is looking great next to the violet. And you and Pappa Pea look absolutely stunning!! Don't think I've ever seen such a great smile on his face! You look glorious!


Ooops, I didn't realize you didn't put that picture in - sorry! Forget that post! :-(


Wow, that little quilt is so darn awesome! The best part - it was a total surprise from such a good friend. I love everything about it!


Such beautiful gifts, Stephanie....and boy you deserve it, especially lately!! I hope blogger resolves these new issues soon, argh....


You are blessed and a blessing too!! Can't wait to spend some time together!!


I love Jim Shore too - I, also, have a nativity of his. It's my favorite decoration to unpack each Christmas.


So sweet... every bit of it! You are a good friend, so I understand why Shelly chose you!

I have several (6-8) Jim Shore figurines. but no kitties. Mostly Halloween and Christmas. Hubby likes the detail he carves into them as much as I do.

I lost two entire blog posts and an LONG email with detailed info about my Mom's upcoming move, last week. I didn't bother to recreate the blog posts (I was so frustrated!) but I had no choice but to rewrite the email and I'm sure I forgot something important in there...

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