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April 26, 2012


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How frustrating that TypePad keeps erasing your posts!!! What a pain!

Those signs cracked me up to. LOL! Oil painting?!

Love that wedge! I can see some chick totally rocking those out in some bell bottom jeans and a tube top!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Ahhhhh....Florida memories. All good!
Sweet Pea is such a cutie!


Love the pics and the signs are too funny! They do a little bit of everything.
I love, love, love shoes too :)
Sorry about your posts.


I love your self-management program! That's very creative, and guarantees you will get both work and play done.

Looks like such a great trip. Must have been fun for Sweet Pea to wear shorts and sandals in early April. I love that photo of the wall of beautiful colors of needlepoint wool!

Maggie Szafranski

Just got caught up on your blog, as I have fallen behind on my blog reading! You and Papa Pea are such a handsome couple!


Is Maddie a real dog? She looks like a little stuffed pup sitting in a stand.


This store has such outside charm doesn't it? And a WHOLE LOT on the inside. I remember the girls wearing the high heels (with the scroll in the sole) in high school. So glad you labeled it as vintage not antique! LOL!!


And I thought Blogger was the only one with problems. Sorry about your troubles. Glad you got it to working. Love all the pictures. Looks like a great needlework shop. Those signs made me giggle. Cute pix of Little Pea.


A little bit of everything! It looks like a great shop to visit.

Sorry about your frustrating losses of your posts!


What is going on with Typepad! I hope it starts working for you properly, hon! That knitting shop looks wonderful, I want to go to Sanibel so bad I can taste it. The oil painting lessons cracked me up too! Love those platform shoes.


Oh, great memories in that blog! I love looking at the pictures. My afghan is coming along great. I have found several blocks I will be able to take along in the car on my trip next week! So I will be happy knitting and happy traveling as well. Then when we come back, I plan a couple of Saturdays at Geez Leweez with the knitting group with Jan, working on my big wrap. Thanks for the memories, as the song says. Good luck with your Typepad.


How frustrating losing your blogs - I've had the same trouble with Wordpress lately. I've started doing a "copy" before I do a save because I'm afraid I'll save and it will all disappear! Sorry I'm a bit behind on responding to posts but it looks like you had a great trip to Florida. Your Mom's dog is too cute!


My best friend's little girl is the exact same way as E with the shoes--only she DID NOT inherit the trait from her mom!

Is Maddi a real dog or a toy? I can't tell!

Pati Kujawa

So cute! Thank you so much for the adorable pictures and blog. I will save to show how special our customers are to Geez Leweez. Please thank your mother for bringing you in to see us along with maddi and sweet pea.

Pati and Stan
Geez Leweez

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