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April 25, 2012


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Love those plates! I would have bought the first one.


I love the cupcake towels!! And are those little cupcake plates on top of them? Absolutely adorable!! Since my daughter makes cupcakes i sent her the link to the shop to get some ideas for different flavors. How about those chocolate pretzel ones!!! p.s. I enjoy non-quilty posts. :)


I love cupcakes too! It seems less guilty to eat one of those to me for some reason ;P

Love Sweet Pea....and her tongue! LOL What a great photo!!

Don't worry about your non-sewing. I haven't been to my sewing room for I don't know how long now and I'm desperate to get back at it. Just a few more papers to write. *sigh*


That looks like a darling shop!!! I'm not surprised you haven't had time to sew, lol....I'm surprised you EVER find time to sew!

Caroll D

I think I gained weight just looking at those luscious cup cakes. My brother is in FM so the next time I go I'll have to look this place up! Thanks for sharing!


Oh, this blog makes me miss the two of you even more! That was certainly a fun day, wasn't it? I think I missed even SEEING those plates because I was either out with Maddi (our little puppy) or busy watching Sweet Pea have so much fun! She is such a blast! And Grandpa had such a good time too! If you are near Bonita Springs, FL, this shop is in the Coconut Point Mall, which is large and has about every store you could look for (although I'm not sure about quilting stores). We did have a great day there. And I'm sure they take all the calories out of their cupcakes! :-)


I love cupcakes too! You have made me hungry for one. Cupcakes are so popular and you can eat one and not feel guilty. I also love the baby cakes they have now and even less calories!
Sweet Pea is enjoying her ice cream and so cute.
The towels are cute, cute!
Now I need a cupcake!


What a great photo of Sweet Pea!

Love the platters! My husband gave me a lovely ceramic wine glass that says, "like a fine wine...I'm aged to perfection" that I enjoy.

Mmmm, cupcakes.


One of my favorite things to do when we travel is find a cool local bakery - like this one! I adore cupcakes, especially when there are so many wonderful varieties these days. Very cute shop and adorable logo ;)


What a cute store! I love the plates and decor. I'm not tempted by cupcakes - but seeing the Tiramisu, well, that one does tempt me. Good thing it's too far away!


What a great store! The towels are so cute and the cupcakes . . . yum!

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