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March 20, 2012


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Love the books and those pages are great! I would love to help decorate especially with cowboy items! FUN! We had horses at one time too. Still have mountains but no horses.
Actually our house was very rustic at one time! My husband has his Man Room downstairs and I sooo want to decorate it with his hunting "stuff". He hasn't turned me loose on it yet! LOL
Sweet Pea's boots and your Moda box is perfect for the room! I can't wait to see it when it is completed. Got any cowboy hats? LOL


Love all your cowboy decorations! Our entire house is pretty much that theme. And most of it we use -- it's just what's layin' around. And you've reminded me, I need to take the saddle soap to my spur straps. They're kinda dry after laying around all winter. Those books are cool. You've inspired me to keep an eye out for ones like that when I'm out antiquing with my sister.


The cowboy decorations are great! I love the way you are including the boots...what is it about cowboy boots?

The books are such a great find! I think Zane Grey was a national pastime for men in the first half of the 1900s, and I still read about collectors.

Go, cowgirl!


I love old books too. I wonder if eReaders will ever replace printed books. I hope not. When we were moving a lot I started getting rid of some of our books. They are so heavy and expensive to move. I kept all the "good" books though, the really neat old ones, the ones I like to read over and over, the beautiful coffe table ones, ...


These vintage books are so cool! They look like they are in great condition - what a treasure to find them. I love seeing illustrations in old books, so simple and whimsical. And they are perfect for your cowboy room. Makes me wish I were better at finding things like this cuz I would keep an eye out for more like this for you.


I want to see this room, girl! I LOVE Zane Grey books, my mom has a few. And I think you need some Holling C. Holling books in there - I have a couple of the old ones that I adore. They're kind of hard to find now, as homeschoolers snap them up.

Love love love the boots. I've never owned a horse, but used to ride regularly....I miss it. You're right, there's nothing else like it.


Took the folks to the Amish store today -when a horse came into the yard, it made me wish I still had one too -and that was a long, long time ago but you never forget. Any Zane Grey I find, I give to LAP. Now I have to google how to woodcarve gourds.


Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. Boy does that bring back memories! i loved them both (well actually Roy was my favorite!)and i went to all their movies. Does that tell you something about my age? Movies were 10 cents back then. What a wonderful way to decorate. I never thought about that. Really awesome.

Linda in Calif.

Good find on your books. I still have one antique book - it's one that my mother used to read to us girls. My older sister wrote us names in it, she was so little so spelled them wrong. So much fun. You have collected up some nice items for your room. Keep those boots of Sweet Peas forever. They are so cute.

Maggie Szafranski

How awesome! My dad a whole bookshelf full of hardcover Zane Grey novels!

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