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March 28, 2012


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Too funny! That is right up there with reading one of the old home ec books! My how times have changed.


That's awesome. I get the cleaned house part: I can't relax when my house is a mess. But the lookin good part? If I take the time to get gussied up I'm gonna walk right by my machine and go out! :)

Caroll D

What a hoot! Thanks for the belly laugh this morning. Who does this any more? I've seen people at the grocery who look worse than I do when I get out of bed. Speaking of bed, I love sewing in my PJs, and forget make-up. This is just too funny.


Sunday I didn't even get dressed. I just showered and then put on clean PJs for the day. I'll be schlepping right behind you, so lead the way!


I love this. LOVE.


That is such a funny article! I think most of us sew in our PJs or sweatpants. Maybe we should have a dress-up party at our retreat in July? I'll bring more wine this time ;)


Isn't that weird? Because that is just what I told you last week. I couldn't sew until I had chores crossed off my list. The same has gone for this week-lawn,laundry,bake and floors first. I would never dream of spending a day, or even a morning in pajamas. Guess I'm from a century ago -but I don't wear make-up. Hey, they didn't then either! But I do have that sewing machine she's holding-made all my kids clothes with it.


You betcha! Describes me to a T. Or not.


It's funny you should post this because I just printed it out the other day to hang above my sewing machine - right next to my mirror so I can check my lipstick (yeah, right).

Linda in Calif.

I always get dressed - and putting on make up is part of getting dressed. And I used to always have to get my chores done first until I discovered that didn't leave enough time for sewing. I've loosed up a bit, I'll sew even if there's tons of housework to be done. I will sew in my jammies at night though. Dressing up for your next meeting is just too funny!


ROFL - my sewing rules consist of wearing jammies and eating chocolate while I sew, that is hysterical!

Account Deleted

That's hilarious and it does goes well with my Wordless Wednesday this week. From back at a time when you vacuumed in stilettos.

Kitty Babcock

Oh my gosh. That is SO reminiscent of my mum. She wore a reversible, no less, pleated wool skirt with various sweaters as her home clothes. She did all manner of house work dressed just that way. Never would a lady of the 50's be caught in anything less. Thanks for the great reminder.


Too funny... I love it. What's the deal with the chalk for dusting your fingers? I was thinking of a day not so long ago when two friends came to my house for a sewing day and I never got out of my PJ bottoms, including when we walked across the street to get lunch!

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