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March 27, 2012


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Looking relaxed even when you don't feel relaxed is quite an accomplishment! Now you just need to figure out how you are doing it! LOL! I have read mixed things about those pens. I am hesitant to use them on the front of a project. I might use them on a project I expect will get heavy use (so it won't survive for decades), but not anything I hope will out last me. The pens are just too new for anyone to know what the chemicals in this pen will do to fabric over time. I have an image in my head of a quilt appraiser 100 years from now appraising a quilt and shaking her head. She is saying this quilt was made between 2010 and 2020. I know this because these marks are from Frixon pens which were popular marking tools in that time period. She shakes her head and thinks to herself "too bad they didn't know what we now know."


What a wonderful, random posts...I actually love "random" days! Russian Rubix is on my "definitely must make" list too...maybe this summer!


I hadn't seen the Russian Rubix pattern before - nice! I'm going to have to stop reading your blog because it makes me want to start all sorts of new projects! Just kidding! Thanks for the update on the Frixion pens!


yummies!!! Love the outdoor pics too, we don't have blossoms yet....
Hey, I have some of the same fabric - imagine that!!
Have a great day!

Linda in Calif.

Russian Rubix will be a great looking quilt. I actually like the fabric for it better than the Flea Market Fancy.


I love your tree and No, you probably didn't miss it blooming as our forsythia literally came into full bloom this year within 2 days! We are having one weird winter/spring. 82 degrees in January and 37 today! Say, don't you think that 1 yd piece of Verona would look perfect for that pattern you're sending me? Where did you get it?


Your tree is beautiful. It is beautiful up here too. I'm holding my breath with this talk of a hard freeze. I love that Russian Rubix quilt. It's a lot of piecing for me, but I can still admire it, can't I? LOL You make it up and I'll admire it. Deal?


Aren't the trees gorgeous??? I hope they survive. I love all your new fabrics!!!! I love the Frixion pens, but I only use them on white fabric, for embroidery designs. I tried them on colored fabric, to mark quilting lines, and they left a thin white line, yikes.


What's the secret to looking rested? LOL I love the tree with all the blooms. Ours already have bloomed and have leaves. Strange weather!
The fabrics are gorgeous and love the pattern.
Thanks for the update on the pen!
Have fun sewing!


Your blooming tree is so beautiful! I bet it smells fabulous too. Our flowering trees have buds on them, but I don't think they will bloom for a couple weeks. Which is still early!

Good for you for getting some of the new Flea Market Fancy fabrics! I am still holding out; not sure why. Love the color combos in those Verona prints too. You are going to have so much fun playing with your new stash.


A little heavenly cloud right over your house! Gorgeous.

I really need to check out that pen. Enjoy your new fabric!


Love that beautiful tree, gorgeous fabrics, and love hearing that you're relaxed after a good weekend! I'm catching up again on your posts...I've been sewing on a deadline and away from the computer a lot! But...always good to read your posts.

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