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March 15, 2012


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When I was sorting yesterday, I found 5 embroidery squares that I could barely make out anymore. Now I will go over the lines with one of these pens. Thanks!


I love these pens! I picked up a set of seven or so at Quilt Market last Fall and they have really saved the day on multiple occasions! ;)


I've heard of those pens, but have never seen them or knew much about them. Sounds like a great tool to have in your notions stash!

Linda in Calif.

I've been using the purple/blue disappearing ink pen and really loving it. Well, for the quilting anyway. I would not want to iron after quilting - way too much work. I was thinking about these pens, I had seen them a couple years ago and couldn't remember the name. Thanks for reminding me.


Other people have reported that the marks from these pens come back if the fabric gets cold enough.


MAN that's a long day. Yes, I use the Frixion pens, but only for white fabric from here on out. I drew some stitching lines on the green quilt, ironed them, and it left white lines behind...like it bleached the fabric or something. This quilt is making me NUTS, lol. Hope you didn't have any tornadoes girl!


I ordered some of these the other day! Sounds like I'll need to test them a bit before using them but thanks for the words of encouragement - marking a quilt is the quilting step I hate most.

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