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February 01, 2012


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You have another friend named Jackie? I thought I was an original. LOL

Ok, shake that fabric diet by May, just sayin'.....


They're great. There's no such thing as a bad red. It's my favorite color, and I LOVE all these blocks we're doing.


Fabric diets are the pits. I feel like a junkie when I look at fabric sites. It's so sad.

Maggie Szafranski

Fabric is like that little lost kitty you find, you have to take it home, and next thing you know, it's reproduced!


Beautiful reds! They make you feel good just to look at them!


I've been on a fabric diet too and it is just about killing me. But I'm determined to hold out until the Feb. bus trip. Then look out. Love all your red fabrics. My favorite color! Going to WW tonight and I really need to get that diet under control! You have been doing great and are my inspiration.


Oh, don't go on a fabric diet!! Just use up all your stash to make all those great things and give them away to your family! :-) We adore all the things you make!!!

Linda in Calif.

Maintaining is so hard for me too, both with weight and fabrics. Love all those reds! Can't wait to see your project.


Love them all - I like wild fabric!!


This fabric diet that is going around blogland is killing all of us. Who are we kidding? We love fabric and it's not getting any cheaper! I was in Shipshewana today where it's just shy of $12.00 a yard! I'm going to buy until it actually hits that price around these parts and then maybe I'll be done! I did say maybe :D But then again....probably not :P


Gorgeous! Especially the one on the bottom right.


Well I love the oriental tone and it doesn't matter what color it is in! At $12 per yard, my diet would turn to a starvation, that's for sure!!


fabric diets are really hard to stick to! I have been on a fabric diet for awhile now. There are a couple designers I like to "collect" so I allow myself those purchases. And I often need to add solids or basics to complete a project. Love your new red purchases!


Love your new reds! I am trying to use what I have in my stash also. I will never use all the fabric I have now :)
Have a wonderful weekend!

Weekend Cowgirl

All those reds are amazing!!!!!

Melissa @ Hilltop Hausfrau

Hilarious that your food diet is working better! Dang talented fabric designers...

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