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January 31, 2012


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Mary on Lake Pulaski

adorable little birdie Stephanie!


Adorable! At first glance it does look like a bird with the flower in the fabric as a beak. Then I looked closer and realized it didn't have a beak so I thought it looked like a fish or whale. Then I kept reading and you say it is a bird so I look closer. I can see the teeny tiny beak now. LOL! It is still adorable, tiny beak and all!


Very sweet, Stephanie. I like the name of the fabric line too!


This is so bright and colorful - adorable design. And...I thought the red beak that's on the fabric really makes it look like a beak for the bird. I wouldn't even have questioned it. LOL! Love it all!


That is really adorable! I love Bunnycup designs.


Adorable. I too thought the beak on the fabric was the bird's beak. I also thought you did all that stitching on the design, but it sounds like you didn't? Anyway, it is adorable.


Isn't that funny -I thought the little white with red triangle was his beak -looks like a beak. Sorry, don't see another...but I'm trying to guess..Is it a journal cover?

Cathy B

I love the birdie. It is adoreable. Hugs


Love the little bird - beak or no beak, he's the cutest! And did you or did you not do the stitching around him (or her)? It looks like really heavy duty stitching and couching. Anyway, it is beautiful! Love the colors.

Linda in Calif.

At first glance I thought the fabric was his beak too. He sure turned out cute and I love the fabrics. I really need to get me some.

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