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January 30, 2012


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Another amazing meeting, hon! Love all the projects, and I love the idea of a Freedom List. I'm going to adopt that and make one today! I need to see it in black and white. Those turtles are darling, how sweet of her to give them to Sweet Pea. Amazing creativity happening with that group!!!


Thank you for sharing the work of these talented women! So many ideas!


These photos are fantastic. These women are awesome. I am constantly amazed at what they do. I'm so happy for Sweet Pea. What a thrill for her.


You have a talented group of ladies! Love all the projects and the pics :)
I adore the turtle too!


I like the idea of the list of things I don't need to do anymore! Gonna have to think about that one. Beautiful and interesting works of art! Can't wait to see what Sweet Pea does with the turtle fabric!


I would like to make June's panel. I am trying to figure out Jackie's list -if she dosen't want to keep so much fabric but yet doesn't want to sell it, does that mean she's looking for a home in WI to send it to? So many new things to learn -distressing, cutting away thru 7 layers. When I first saw Jenny's,I said "Oh cute,a big smooch for Valentine's"; then I read 'snowman'and did a dbl take. All creative artists.. the garden, the brights, and circles..Amazing talent!


i love that you are going to write a freedom list. what a great idea!!!


I read the artist's way about ten years ago. There are some really great concepts in there about how to care for yourself/nurture yourself as an artist. I still rely on those concepts today! Thanks for showing those photos, I really love the dyed leaves...

Linda in Calif.

This group is just awesome. I like the Sweat Pea gets to be part of it too. How nice for her. She'll grow up to be very creative. Too bad we can't have art like this in the classrooms. Anyway, I'm like you, I have an idea and sometimes become frustrated if it doesn't turn out like what is in my head. But if I'm just working on something, creating as I go and it turns out different I'm happy with it.

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