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December 06, 2011


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Hi Stephanie. Nice to see you post again. So sorry things are worse for you. I hope all things work out soon.
Can't wait to hear about your trip to Spain. A friend of mine just got back and she loved it.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas.


Ah sweetie I'm sorry things have only gotten busier - I hope you get a chance to slow down over the Christmas break! Looking forward to hearing about your trip to Spain!


I must say, as someone who received one of these makeup bags a long time ago (from Mama Pea, I might add), I can vouch that they make WONDERFUL gifts! I never go on a trip without mine. It holds all my makeup brushes and even some eye shadows, and it keeps everything together and safe in my suitcase. This is really a great idea. Love it!


Are these girls twins? They look and sound so much alike? They are so cute! I always enjoy watching their little segments.


Learn to say 'no' woman!

I love this tutorial! Thanks! I'm finally going to make something for my nieces and nephews (love the little add-on one of them mentioned at the end about using them to carry race cars)!

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