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December 07, 2011


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A good reminder for us all! And yes, I love Etsy. I've purchased a few Christmas gifts from Etsy sellers this year. I'm making an effort to purchase locally or from small businesses/artists as much as possible.


ohhhh, I love 'em!! I could use a print like that to remind me when life begins to overtake me. I looked on her site, but didn't see this print. Did she make it for you? You are just the best!!


Excellent post! I love these rules and am going to copy them and place them where I can see them every day. I'm also going to send them to my kids. Then maybe I'll have a plaque made like you did and give it to my grand kids who are in college. This is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing.


Oh wow she did a beautiful job - great rules!!! I especially love the 'say no' one, because I struggled with that for years. It took physical illness to teach me. Now, I can think a moment, and decide to say no with ease - what a blessing it is! It's also good to know your own limitations, we're not superwoman....it helps to know when to say no.


Really great, Stephanie. You did a fabulous job of framing this wonderful poster, and your students are going to be lucky indeed to be getting these journals. I hope they appreciate what a quality professor they have in you. You are truly a gem!!


Love the rules...I know I lack in #11. I need improvement!


You know what it is with #10? You have to contact the natural contingencies of reinforcement. I started saying no when we got Carmi; not long after, I started not working weekends. Woot! That did it for me. Sometimes I slip (recently), but it's a good reminder to get back to my 'no'!

Maggie Szafranski

they are all great rules to live by!


This so good! Great rules, indeed!

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