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December 13, 2011


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How adorable. She'll be all set and ready to sew! And what were you doing up that late, young lady?

Caroll D

Love those ornaments. That Lynn is so sweet! I'm not on the floor yet, but I am amazed at what you get done. I love the box for Sweet Pea. That fabric is adorable! I have to laugh though, because I know what you mean about sewing when you are tired. I've made mistakes like that too. Looks like yours turned out "pretty darn good" though! Love that zipper pull. You have a wonderful day too!


Hi Stephanie,
Those pockets are so cute. Interesting comment about designers telling you which way the pattern in the fabric should be aligned. That is something to think about. One thing I would be worried about is if people understood the difference between pattern alignment and grain alignment (would they get them mixed up?). I've also been reading a fabric design book and it kinds of boggles the mind how many different directional choices there are. I'm not sure how I would communicate that, ya know? Just thinking out loud...Beautiful job though!


Girl, you exhaust me!

Linda in Calif.

Wow, two projects in one week? You are really cooking with gas! This box/bag is totally awesome. The fabric is just too cute, especially with the coordinating kitty snack fabric. I would love to make one. (Someday!) Thanks for all the links.


I hope we have warm weather when you visit. I am going to plunk you down on a chair at the pool and make you sleep in the sun for two whole days, just so you get some rest, girl!! You do great work though! My sympathies to Brian's family; I too can't believe a whole year has gone by, and my heart breaks too over the Brians we have lost this year. I also have a hard time with both of them.


That kitty fabric is too cute! And all the goodies inside look great. Way to get her hooked early!


Such darling ornaments - how lovely that you got some Christmas cheer in the mail!! I LOVE what you made for Sweet Pea, oh girl she's going to be so happy with that!! You did a beautiful job!


I like how the P ornament looks like a P right side up and upside down. Green/Brown. Well, quit getting things now for Swt P as she is getting a sewing kit-case from us also...Also filled with scissors, pins etc haha. Yours is cuter but HOLD OFF on anything more.And no, you did not send those zipper pulls for Bitsy.

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