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November 01, 2011


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Wow, what a wonderful and informative post. Thanks for sharing a part of your life. Loved all the photos too. You are one lucky lady to have accomplished so much and to have these long time friends.


Nostalgia is hard to go to as so many things change. I did not know you had a weasel -did you ever show me?


Love the quilt! How soft it looks.


So glad you were able to get the quilt done in time! Loved how it turned out. And how wonderful that you were able to see everyone in your new slim body wearing the awesome vest that you knitted!!!


Thanks for the tour! How neat to go back and see places you spent so much time at as a youngster!


Go CYCLONES! Sorry, couldn't help it. This is a very nice post...


Wow. It sure looks like you had fun and I'm sure it was such fun going back 'home' that way.
The quilt is awesome and I'm sure he just loved it.

Funny thing ~ that old desk of yours? THAT is my desk which I am in front of all day in my sewing room. I love this old steel desk. Indestrucable. I've had mine for probably 19 yrs now paying only $50 for it. And recently at the Univ. of WI owned building where they have sales of all old things not being used any longer I was lucky enough to find two tables which match this desk. They are now my cutting table and the other has my sewing machine. They are huge just like the desk is although one table (cutting table now) is even larger than the desk. I LOVE it.


Hey, I live in ICIA. :0).
I'm a new reader and just made the connection.

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