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October 31, 2011


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It's so cute! I still don't have mine done, but it's on my wall, and calling my name!


I really hope you get to feeling better and soon! It's never fun being sick when there is so much to do and especially this time of the year.

I love your quilt and your quilting is just great. I'm not such a great machine quilter but I do enjoy some of Leah Day's quilt designs. Others I can do without.

I love Aurifil thread too and I've used Presencia before, but even though I've used the same weight as Aurifil, I find Presencia's to seem like a heavier thread. Not all threads are the same that is for sure. I can't live without my Aurifil.


1. I love your design!
2. Hello?! Christmas gift to yourself!
3. I'm totally stealing your idea. That's okay in quilting, right?

Linda in Calif.

Well, didn't that turn out nice? I really like the red binding. And Leah's design going downward is really cool for this quilt.


so, so awesome!!! Love the colors of your trees and your quilting - amazing!!


I hope you're feeling better soon, hon! I love your quilt - you did a fantastic job on the quilting. Bummer about the red bleeding, even with a color catcher, yikes! Try washing it again, maybe?

I've only tried Aurifil once but I absolutely loved it. I'd love to get more too!

Lacie Jane

Sorry to hear you are feeling sick, but glad it is getting better!

I love the quilt-- your quilting is wonderful! You should not be so self-conscious about doing it in public, you do a very nice job!! I also really like your use of different colors in this, it would go with so many different Christmas themes. You could even leave it out after Christmas to be a winter decoration!


That is my new fav quilt for Christmas.. it is just beautiful, and your quilting design is spot on. Now get feeling better!


The icicle lights look wonderful!

Have you tried some Oxyclean on the spots where the red bled? I used powdered Oxyclean mixed with just enough water to make a paste on some marker spots on a sweatshirt. The marker spots were a few weeks old and had been washed and dried several times. The Oxyclean got them out! I was stunned.

Another idea is to baste a color catcher over the problem areas and wash it again. I've never tried this myself, but a member of my guild has done this with some success.

But you should definitely keep this. Merry Christmas to you!

Maggie Szafranski

WOW! Awesome quilt! You did a great job with the quilting! I recently started using some Aurofil for piecing, thanks to Edyta Sitar! It just may replace my beloved Superior threads!


Love your quilting!!! A great choice for this quilt and you did an awesome job! I didn't recognize the gal you got the design from, so went to her site. Was surprised to discover that I used to follow her when she first started her journey of a quilt motif a day! My, has she come a long way!!!
Now,as for trying other threads, I would encourage you to use the Aurofil as you gain your confidence. Then, when you get to the time when you want a bit more shine and for the quilting to show more, I will introduce you to Isacord and Marathon. Since they are embroidery thread, they will never shred. I will let you borrow some of mine, I have a pretty collection : )


Your Little Forest Quilt turned out beautifully! I love it! I love seeing all the trees in different colors, and adore how you quilted garland on each tree. Also love that snowflake quilting pattern you did in between the trees. Makes me want to make another one of these - well done!

Susan McFarland

Gorgeous!!! I just wanted to tell you. I've had reds bleed and didn't discover until after going through the dryer. Retayne rubbed on with a toothbrush and then washed with Retayne as the detergent (didn't use hot water as the label says) took the red bleeding out.

Caroll D

Hope you're feeling better by now. Love your quilt and the way you quilted it is awesome. You did a great job. Thanks for the link to the video as I'd like to try this myself. Take care.


The icicle quilting is a wonderful touch, and I especially like the garlands on the trees :)


I love the littletrees and your quilting is just stunning can wait to do my trees!

Cindy Gardiner

If you wash in Synthrapol, the bleeding will very likely come out. We've had VERY good luck with it where I work.


So cute! Who cares if it isn't perfect. That just makes it more unique and heartfelt. :)

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